What are the best exercises to help firm the back of your thighs and butt?

Albane T.
Probably running. I think it is best because it works the quads, hamstrings, and glutes in coordination with one another and all surrounding muscles giving you less chance of imbalance. Think of yourself as a machine who's parts must all work together for a true and balanced progress, long term vitality, and optimal efficiency!

Frida B.
In Short: Squats + Bar.
A friend was training a group of us for 6 weeks and the aim was to touch the floor with our butts. The bar (no weights, then gradually increasing with ability) seems dramatic, yes it intensifies the work but its also useful, your balance and focus increase and you're forced to make an effort due to the extra weight. Sadly due to unknown pre-existing issues with my ankles i have had to resort to exercise for ppl in their 90s but hopefully back into it soon

Julie C.
Squats, swimmers, anything ballet

Valdemar A.
Squats and lunges for sure. Fat loss as well will get rid of any softness and show the muscles underneath. Cardio is good for that

Angel F.
If you do squats or wall sitting or maybe even both and you just start by doing like 10 squats and a 30 second wall sit and then gradually increase it

Nanna G.
Squats, wall sits, and leg lifts! They’re super easy to do at home and you’ll see results in around a month if done daily. Be careful though! Sore legs can really ruin the next few days if you overdo it 🙂

Linda Q.
DeadLifts, squats, lunges.

Stair climbers instead of a treadmill.

Don't forget to stretch and keep working thru the soreness that will build up after doing these kinds of exercise.

You got this!