What ritual motivates you to exercise?

Helmtrud F.
Today I started the one that it’s call Don’t break the chain. I made a calendar with the whole year in it and I checked with an “x” everyday that I do the workout. The idea is never, never, no matter what break the chain.
The other one is the one with the music and the shoes, but I don’t feel a connection. I’m trying and I know I will find the right for me.
Wish you success!
Carl N.
I have several rituals that motivate me to exercise. The visual reminder of laying my clothes out and the good feeling that I have after exercising. Plus, a conscious thought about how proud of myself for sticking with it helps me a lot.
Arquimedes Q.
I find that it’s easier to exercise if I plan for it. For example, I pack my bag for work the night before and bring workout clothes (and shower supplies) with me to work so it’s all there and ready to go, or if I’m going after work I change into my workout clothes before I head home so I can stop at the gym on my way home. I’m not a big morning workout person but the times I have done it I find sleeping in my workout clothes helpful. Minimize the number of steps or the amount of thought that goes into it and it’s easier to just do it!
Traudl O.
I put on reggae music and dance around the house often carrying my puppy. Always puts me in the mood to move and exercise.
Jesus P.
For me you just have to do it, find the time. Set a side a goal. Like for me, no matter what, I have to meet 10,000 steps everyday. I now walk everyday. Pencil it into your calendar, To Do list and find apps that motivate you
Clara C.
Putting on my workout clothes and shoes gets me motivated. The faster I get them on after work the greater the likelihood that I will follow through with my plan. Procrastinating on the clothes is dangerous for me!
Salete F.
When I know it’ll be quick to do – when it doesn’t take much effort to get started, when I don’t feel like preparing takes too long (and wastes my time), I can make myself hop on the treadmill, on press start on my running app – then once I start, I’m not quitting, and it’s awesome to finish the workout!
Carl E.
Just knowing that i’m becoming a better version of myself. And i usually don’t doa full on workout because i don’t have time, so i like to stretch or do a couple pushups and sit-ups. Just the small workouts
Hans C.
I think a ritual that can motivate you to do exercise is the stretch ritual. Why? Because it gives fun and challenging stetching poses that you can do by yourself! After you stretch, you'll want to move more!
Cl Ment T.
I don't have a ritual but I do have a Netflix show that I only watch when I am on the treadmill- so being able to watch it is a motivator for me. I have done the same for running outside and using that time to listen to a podcast that I enjoy. Also gamifying exercise with programs like Nerd Fitness or an app like Zombie Run is a lot of fun 🙂
Joc Lia E.
getting to watch an episode of my favorite tv series is my motivation

i actually see exercising on the treadmill or bike while i watch as being secondary

Remi Z.
I really don't know. Now I just remind myself that exercises would do good for my body and mind, but I don't feel like it's working for me. I was saying like "I'm going to walk, it makes me feel better and I love is so much" before, and it didn't work good either. I guess the reason of that is it sounds like it has no concrete (or science-based) reason and I'm doubtful about it. Maybe I'd better remind myself that it's science-based with each ritual…
Tyler X.
The thought of falling off a cliff and So I am able to lift my body weight in case of emergency like falling over a ledge and need to pull myself up
L Onard E.
Packing my exercise bag the night before and planning exactly at what time I’m going to do it. Then I don’t think about it until I’m already doing it. It becomes automatic.
Josephine F.
Going out / seeing my friends.
Attend gatherings / going to events.
Having a concert to go to.
Having to ace a performance.
—when not doing anything—
Jan U.
I put on my favorite exercise jacket. It makes me smile as I put it on, and instantly my mood changes before going to work out. If I don’t feel like exercising, I tell myself: “just put on the jacket and go for a walk. That’s all you HAVE to do.” I almost always run after.
Sandra J.
Tracking my exercises and trying to improve on it the next time. The drive to improve makes it more of a game and it’s shifting my thoughts and emotions about exercising from dread to excitement.
Friedo F.
First off, I hope your journey is going great! Before going full on workout mode, I usually go with my go to exercise outfit. You could do the same , it might motivate you a bit. This part is kind of an add on, I look at myself in the mirror and just think “Wow, I look pretty nice!”. It might seem a bit silly but it really helps if you are struggling with any negative emotions. Which is something I’m undergoing through so it helps. Then, I listen to my musical playlist. I listen to the Hamilton Playlist mostly cause I’m kind of a drama person and it makes me go in the zone! For you, you could have your personal playlist! Usually, afterwards, I start working out. That’s my ritual, just know don’t strain yourself with hard core exercising. Go slow and do exercises you love , I dance so it’s pretty fun. I hope the rest of your journey is great and I want you to realize no matter what you think, you’re gorgeous and intelligent! Good luck, I believe in you!
Kasper N.
I think actually the feeling of when I don’t exercise is what motivates me to exercise. Have you tried this? Waking up in the morning, eating a decent breakfast, and then feeling so heavy and sluggish afterward. In that moment, I think about how I could feel so much more light and energetic if I had exercised before breakfast. So I’ve made it my ritual to wake up, drink water, wash my face, exercise, and then eat breakfast only after I’ve gone for a run, because otherwise I know that I won’t feel good!
Mary Z.
I really don't have a ritual..i only said to myself that i have to do it.. this app is usefull because, in my opinion, helps you feel proud of yourself if you accomplish your tasks (in this case exercise) and makes you to go on.
Don T.
Looking in the mirror. Looking in the mirror and understanding that I really want to feel as beautiful as I look, and understanding that it's not for the outside it's for the inside. Telling myself that no matter how I look the inside needs the exercise more than any other part of me.