How do you motivate yourself to wake up earlier for a run? Also, how do you get back to running after being sick with asthma?

Eden Q.
To wake up in the morning motivated, make sure you sleep 6 hours . I am sure you will be energetic. The second thing is just as early as possible so that you don't miss your sunrise . The atmosphere early in the morning gives you a positive energy every time. And for asthma , just close your eyes, breathe gently and feel the air around you. You will be able to start with a slow jog.
Marshall J.
I normally wake up early anyways but your best bet to getting out of bed earlier is to do it gradually. Start with waking up 5 or 10 minutes beofre your normal alarm and then gradually increase it as you go for longer runs. Relating to the asthma part i would again say just start slowly and start small. If youve been sick and really dont feel like running just go for a small 5 minute walk and gradually work your way up from there. Hope this helps 🙂
Christina O.
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Emily F.
I would try to put out your workout clothes and shoes where you can see them in the morning and place your alarm across the room. I would also find a good playlist to listen to and just remind yourself why you want to run. And with the asthma part I would just take it slow. Maybe the first time just walk at a faster pace and work yourself up to actually running. Best of luck!
Massood N.
When i writing my daily journal i use some motivation words also i use a app for this remember me a lot. When I’m thinking about summit also give me some boost.
Alan U.
To motivate myself, I keep everything ready just one day before. Example: A bottle to take while running, keep shoes beside my bed.

Also, celebrating your exercise practice is important. As soon as you accomplish something, link it with positive emotion IMMEDIATELY!!
I say: YES I DID IT!
And dance a little!

And for being motivated for the next day, I call my mom and dad to tell them about my good exercise habit.

Also, for the second question:
If you can't exercise due to breathing problems, or any problems, you can stretch or do yoga rather than exercise. Many people also prefer walking slowly and aimlessly for a few kilometres.

Hope that helps!

Andrew E.
I am unable to answer about how to get back into running after asthma bit assume small gradual steps would be the best for you.

I find it easier to go for a run earlier once the day hours increase and I tend to go out in daylight at the weekends at the moment. however on the weekdays I am sometimes running with a head torch in the evening.