How do you get out of bed and get moving on cold winter mornings, especially when you don’t NEED to get out of bed?

Honor S.
Well routine is key. Waking up a 6 or 7 ( even when u don’t have to) is a AMAZING what to start ur day. What I do to make sure I get up is putting my alarm on the other side of my bedroom. This makes my get up and walk over to turn it off. Or there are plenty of apps. I use this app that makes u do a sum before the alarm stops. There are plenty of ways just focus!
Falk I.
Good question! I have the same problem than you..
I need to set different alarms and it takes me around half an hour to get out of bed. I would like to change that and I try it but I still struggle on that.
What about you?
Bayan N.
I didn’t used to but now I’d love to do that, to get out of bed and go for a morning walk in a cold winter. I love the winter and I love the morning and also I love to walk so much, and these three make me very happy, so why wouldn’t I? ❤️
Baptiste U.
Its been a nearly a year I have a morning routine so I have took the habit to wake up in the weekend or vacations. It's all about having a strong morning routine habit. Have a great day !
Miss N.
Honestly, I just try not to think about it. As someone who is always cold no matter where I am, I never like the thought of leaving something that feels warm, but if I have a jacket or robe next to my bed, I am perfectly fine with that. I usually don’t have to wake up at a certain time, but once I set up a morning routine, I was able to get up and get ready for the day. I hope this helps you. Have a lovely day!
Raylene N.
I would say play pretty hyped music not kid but up going, something that will get you more awake. If you don’t want to get out of bed because you are cold try taking a blanket with you outside of your room taking the blanket off and then go get some breakfast or a coffee. I hoped that helped have a great day