What do you do to keep yourself motivated on busy days?

Kaitlin Z.
Writing down tasks and sub tasks to achieve throughout the day helps me to keep focused. It gives me something to gauge my day by. Did I tick off all my tasks for today? Almost. I have two more to go. It's a really good feeling to get all the things on my to so list checked off at the end of the day. I hope this help you.
Abigail X.
I look at the outcome of my hard work. What I want to accomplish will only be able to be achieved with the amount of effort and time I take to prepare for it
Eddie P.
Knowing that a break is coming up, knowing that I have done well in a meeting / situation, sending a message to connect with someone
Csizmadia C.
I'm still working on it, so actually that's a really good question, but I usually try to remember my goals. Why did I started it? And I think, it's better if u have someone who motivates u, or just say that they r proud of u, but if u don't have, try to motivate yourself and remember that I'm proud of u. ❤️
Sebasti N T.
I try to put warnings in my cellphone to remember my new habits also i open my app to read interestingo topic about my goals
Ellie T.
I always remind myself that there’s a reason behind everything. That’s the main thing that gets me through everything. So with a day full of business and maybe lots of different things to do that I probably don’t want to do, I remind myself that there’s a reason why the thing needs to be done and I will be glad I did afterwards.
Vicky N.
I find the hardest part of any activity is the beginning. So if I just begin for 1 minute leads to 5 minutes and on and on. Take that first step and go with it. There is no rules saying that theres a timetable.
Judy P.
That is a great question to ponder and see if things need to change!
When I know it will be a busy day, I make sure to have music to keep me focused on the tasks. I will have time set aside for me to figure out what needs to happen in which order. If I have stayed on track I normally have extra time, which means something for me to do for me! Depending on how much extra time I would get, if any, would depend on the activity for myself. The one thing I have a hard time with is at the end of the day making time for myself! Even if it is to reflect on how the day went, I think it would help me wind down my mind a little more. I am up to suggestions for easier sleep patterns.
Thank you for asking such a great question.
Mohammed N.
Me personally I’m always busy, i work 12 hours on weekends and 5 on weekdays with school from 7:30 to 8pm. When it’s time for me to wind down I just do my thing. But to keep myself motivated I remember how I used to be and what I went through and how I would never want to go back to that state of mental hardship again. Or I would focus on what I want in the future whether it be a nice body, smart, or anything that I’m working towards