Is a 30 minutes workout 4 times a week enough to build some muscles and burn fat?

Jesus S.
Yes, I would say so. 4 times a week is a good amount, and 30 minutes is good if you are new to workouts. If you do this consistently it should help.
Isobel E.
Absolutely it is. As long as you are putting in good effort for those 30 minutes that is a perfect amount to be exercising.
Avery P.
I think that's enough. Because it's not only about exercise, it's about a great diet. You can do an hour every day, or five minutes, but, if you don't do a balance between diet and exercise, maybe the results will be different than like you expected.
Carmen S.
It’s better than nothing and I’d you’re just getting started it’s a great place to start. I’m 47 and my goal is to get functionally younger every year till I’m 75. As such, I believe 6 days of exercise a week is required to halt/reverse the impact of aging.
Elsie Z.
The short answer is no, but it's because this is a poorly worded question. You can't simultaneously build muscle and burn fat. It's physiologically impossible. If you are losing fat you are also losing muscle mass (the amount of fat and muscle mass lost depends on how many calories you are consuming each day as well as your protein intake). If you are gaining muscle mass then you are also gaining fat (again the amount of muscle mass and fat gained depends on the amount of calories you are consuming each day as well as your protein intake).

If you are at a 200-300 calorie deficit in an attempt to lose weight then 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 4 times a week is enough to burn fat, but you will also be losing a little bit of muscle mass (you can limit the amount of muscle mass lost by increasing your protein intake, but you'll still be losing some muscle). If you are trying to lose weight that's a good thing. However, if you consume 200-300 hundred EXTRA calories a day in an effort to gain muscle mass then 30 minutes of weight lifting (or body weight exercises) 4 times a week is enough for you to gain some muscle mass, but you will also be gaining a small amount of fat.

I'm short, exercising for 30 minutes 4 times a week is very beneficial. It's enough to lose fat in a healthy way OR gain some healthy muscle mass depending on the type of exercises you are doing and your caloric intake. However, it's physiologically impossible to simultaneously build muscle and lose fat.

Celto P.
No. A 30 minute workout four times a week will condition your muscles and build in endurance as well as develop your confidence to continue however the 10 minute intensity is a great way to give yourself complete overhaul and a 7 to 9 minute exercise. These are very short and doable routines if done consistently will build muscle and burn fat.
Martin Y.
I'm no trainer, and we are all dufferent, I work on the belief that as much as I can do is best, sometimes 10 or 20 mins twice a day. Mix up core cardio strength depending on age, keep active throughout the day and fit in stretch / yoga most days
David Z.
Absolutely! It does depend on the type of excecise and the intensity as to how much fat you burn, but that is an excellent balance between working out and resting. Maybe on the rest days try gentle walking to increase you fitness but also rest the body!
Tanise C.
Yes, I think so. From what I've read, that seems like a good minimum time to work out, especially when you're thinking about your future self, since it's not too much and won't destroy your body.
Anatole Y.
Yes. I am no expert, but over time, you will certainly build muscle and burn fat. However, more important to these goals is what you're eating! I've always been taught that your physique is 20% exercise and 80% diet & nutrition. In my experience, this is super true. With the proper diet & nutrition, 30 minutes of high-intensity exercise 4 days a week is enough to see and feel a difference in your body.
L A T.
Yes. There was an article in the New York times today that suggests that more is not necessarily better and that small amounts can act against aging as well.
Victoria W.
You should do at least 30 minutes of cardio three times a week & 30 minutes of weight lifting for muscle building 2-3 times a week
Magnus X.
A 30 minute workout obviously do good to you. The day would seem better, more active, happier. More than that it gives you a sense of accomplishment and a little blood flow into the brain never harms. So, instead of 30 minute of 4 days a week, include exercising into your everyday routine. Fabulous app gives you the options to choose from 3 exercise plans,two of which i do alternatively and one if I'm in hurry just to get moving. But try not to skip a day and your body would look and feel amazing!
Jon Y.
It depends on the exercise. If you're going for a 30 minute slow walk, you may burn some fat but there's not much muscle gain. If you doe repeat sprints, you won't burn fat or gain muscle at that moment, rather you will feel the effects throughout the next couple days (this is anaerobic exercise). To have the highest muscle gain and fat loss, you need to do aerobic exercise. This is jogging, weight lifting, swimming laps, biking at a quick pace, cross country skiing, etc. Something that gets your heart rate up, but can be sustained throughout the whole time. That will have an impact if you do it 4 times a week for 30 min at a time. Don't forget to warm up, stretch, and eat healthy with lots of protein for muscle gain!
Maria P.
It depends. Strength excercises 4 times a week will build muscle and give enough time in between to heal and rest. But in addition to that low-intensity cardio is more likely to help with weight loss.
Jeppe Z.
I guess it would depend on the intensity of the workout. But also very important is the food you eat. If the workouts are not followed by a balanced diet but by a high fat + sugar diet, then those workouts days won’t do anything.