Good tricep workouts?

Maja C.
Have your feet elevated with your elbows and forearms together and try to do a push-up. If you can do that you are very strong tri-ceps Try it out.
Jacqueline R.
For a good tricep workout you may try to do push ups with tight grip so that your hands are inside the shoulders line, even Better if you can afford some parallels that are basic equipment for free body weights.
Terri U.
I think you’re asking if I know of any tricep workouts. I don’t know of any, actually. I’m focusing on Yoga, walking, and stretching.
Lotte I.
Dumbbells are the answer. Always try to exercise them with low weigths at home. Seated triceps extensions is the most effective exercise that I’ve done so far. Hope it helps!
Eugene Z.
I haven't quite gotten there yet. If you're a beginner though, try the armchair triceps dip. If you're way ahead, there's another app that I use called Home workouts on Google play. That has lots of workout routines targetting specific muscle sets. That should work for you.