What do you do about exercising when you’re sick?

Renata U.
Firstly, check first whether the illness is too severe or not. If it’s really bad then you’d definitely need to rest. If it’s a mild cold or flu then maybe stretching is ok. Meditative yoga and/or walking up the stairs are great too.
Ross Z.
I am of the opinion that when you’re sick, you’re sick. It’s pointless doing anything that msy impinge on your recovery. Apps fail to recognise this which is frustrating as your momentum is disrupted. But it’s just an app and getting healthy is far more important. If you do want to do anything can I suggest walking in a warm pool.
Mercedes U.
When I am just a little sick I go for a walk or do some light excersize and listen to what my body tells me. When really sick I cannot do much. Maybe I could replace it by visualization?
Niara A.
If it’s very minor, I’ll still probably work out. I typically get a two-day hard hit, and during that time I will rest. No workout
Margarethe U.
A sickness can be hard to work through. I make my exercise session focused on stretches and yoga moves. Using essential oils like eucalyptus can help you feel a little pampered when you’re sick. If your head is congested, focus on arm and shoulder movements. Walking always works, unless you’re feeling dizzy with a head cold or flu.
Dianne J.
Yoga with Adriene has a sick flow that is just enough movement and just the right movements if I’ve been like cold/sinus/virus sick. If I’m just stuffy, a good run outside is the best to clear things up.
Nicholas O.
You shouldn't exercise while sick. Your body is going through stress already and needs energy to recover. By exercising anyway, you will just extend the length of your recovery. Personally I use a watch that tracks my heart rate 24/7. This gives me a baseline for when I'm healthy. As soon as I see my usual average heart right climb by 10 to 15 beats per minute, I know something is wrong. And when it's back to normal, I know I'm completely recovered. I use a Polar Vantage M for all my health tracking, including sleep.
Freddie F.
Keeping your body moving but not necessarily going all out. I like to sweat my sick out but some yoga and a stretch never hurt anyone.
Yann Q.
Depends on how sick you are. You can keep it short, less intense or cancel it completely.
But most of the time a short or light exercise helps getting back on feet.
Diane C.
I first take a lot of rest, sleep while I am sick but when I wake up I walk as much as I can. I don't take exertion on me while I am sick ..
M Lina C.
I shorten it up and do something low intensity. When I’m sick it’s about keeping the routine and not breaking the habit. It’s not about the health benefits. Do at least SOMETHING, unless you’re really sick and bed ridden.
Josh F.
Well there’s a difference between sick and sick. A fever is a definite no go.
Just a little under the weather, I can still exercise…. but the thing for me is I need to treat myself a little nicer. So not having to opens a new world for me, where on average people need to push themselves to go, I need to pull the breakers sometimes 😬.

So I would say, if you can work, you van work out. Be nice to yourself and give yourself that healthier body and lifestyle. You’ll be thankful and happier!

Tristan U.
There are some recovery exercises for days after hard exercises. Those are good also for sick days. And maybe going for a walk or walking at home
Jonas N.
I listen to my body and take it from there! Depending on what's wrong, sometimes light exercise helps. If I have something like a headcold, I find going for a walk can be of real benefit, it gets me out in the fresh air and gets my system moving again. On the other hand, if I'm really ill and need to rest and sleep, I worry less about exercise. I find when I'm lying down for a day or more I start to notice twinges in my back or legs, so I will get out of bed enough to stretch and move a little without stressing myself out about hitting targets. Rest is an incredibly important aspect of health and fitness too
Nanna A.
Do the lightest exercise that won’t make me even more sick. That may be stretching or cycling gently on my stationary bike, depending on how I’m feeling.
Danielle U.
Listen to your body. If you are very sick, then it is important to sleep and rest as much as possible. If I am suffering from just a cold, I might do my normal routine or a less intense version.
F Lvio Q.
Walk around the house. I might not do it straight away but when I feel well enough. Also just stretching is still some exercise – it's still meeting my goal but accepting that this is the best I can do today so that I can get better and push myself further when I am well again.
Mathilde E.
I would just focus on making yourself better and keep drinking lots of water, but if you have a cold or something small try to complete at least 1 min of excersize
Lucy Q.
If you are too sick to get out of bed or walk around…. don't work out. If you're just a little sick, raising your body temperature will help your body fight off or burn off some of the bacteria. So rule is sluggish=work out, runny/stuffy nose= work out, sore throat = work out. You don't have to do your normal routine, you can modify to your ability. At the end of the day you know your body and if you have more days of feeling bad than working out; you need to get checked out just to make sure you are giving yourself a fighting chance and not beating yourself up bc you feel that you may have failed. Take care SRC🌹
Kristin U.
Depends how sick i am. Its important to give your body time to rest and recover. To skip a few days isnt the end of the world, during that time i just make sure i eat correct. After all, it didnt take one week to get fit so i dont expect to get out of shape in one week
Nat O B.
I try to move every day. If I’m not feeling well, then I lessen the intensity of my workout and the time spent as well. If I’m really not feeling well, I think it’s probably more important to rest and get better than to try to workout.
Cosimo X.
I do a low impact workout or yoga, stretching. It is important to exercise even when you are sick. It may even help to get better.
Timmothy E.
It’s a great question… I wish there was a way to pause or skip a habit you are working on. When I was sick and didn’t exercise I didn’t complete my routine for the day. Seemed kind of unfair.
It started my streak at the beginning again.
Harper S.
Do it anyways. Do what you can at least. Getting your body moving in some way will be without a doubt healing. Just listen to your body. Always take your needs into account. It doesn't mean you need to stop in any way.
Malthe P.
I think I would wait until I healed a little or healed completely depending on the extent of my injury or disease. If under the care of a doctor or bed-ridden I would definitely follow the docter’s advice on the matter or wait until I was physically up to any stress that exercising would put upon any disabled part of my body.
Nanna A.
I think if I was just feeling a little under the weather, I'd at least do the one minute "Just get moving" exercise on Fabulous, to keep the consistency. If I was feeling nauseous or had severe aching, I would pick up the next time I was able to. But knowing when that is, requires personal honesty. Even when I drop the habit for a few days and then feel like starting again, I have to just pick it back up as if there was no break. Because there is no time like the present.
Liva P.
I think if you are sick it’s your body’s way of telling you to take a step back and get some rest. So in short, I do not think it is a good idea to work out when you are sick.
Allison W.
Rest…yes sure you will lose muscles during you take the break, but the body do need time to recover and exercising will consume a lot of energy which is bad for the recovery. Stretching ( if possible ) may be a good choice. Just listen to your body.
Sophie E.
I try to make sure I’m still getting some exercise but generally go a bit easier on myself. It’s important not to get trapped in ‘being sick’ because you have to use energy to get energy!
Jocilene W.
I usually take time to recover. It I am able to, I’ll fit in some light stretching or yoga, or even just walk up and down the stairs a few times just to be a little active.