I’m finding the 8 min exercise routine every morning slightly tedious. I prefer to go to a yoga class or the gym or walk to work. What do you do in those 8 min to make it fun and worthwhile?

Luna X.
I usually try to listen to some music or watch a short video when I exercise in the morning.
It makes mornings just a tiny bit more bearable for me. (I'm not a morning person, but if you have to go, you have to go.)

Bridget O.
I listen to my favorite music while I take a walk! It gives me motivation and incentive to begin exercising when I know I can be blasting and jamming to my favorite tunes while doing it! (Not blasting the music too hard, though- ear damage.) 🙂

Nikkita C.
I like to stretch and do affirmations. I think about what I’m thankful for, and about the day or week. It really brightens my mood and makes me feel accomplished. Even though it’s just stretches and affirmations and just plain thinking, it’s my favorite part of my routine and it means a lot to me.

Brett A.
To make my 8 minute exercise fun and worthwhile I would put my favorite songs on a playlist or think of a moment that gives me motivation to exercise.

Renske N.
I don’t do the 8 min exactly, I choose a yoga video on YouTube from “Yoga With Adriene”. Mostly they are 15 to 30 min. I choose the short ones to do 😉