Do you mix it up or do you do the same exercise every day?

Erc Lia Y.
I alternate what I do each day. I do weights and cardio one day and then just cardio the next. I also do yoga at home in place of hitting the gym on days with low motivation or I'm pressed for time.
Caoliann Y.
I mean I'll mix it up somewhat, but usually include some of the same exercises in the day. Like somedays I do a bunch of crunches, pushups, exercises like that. And then some days I'll go on a long walk/jog, and also do some of those other ones and stuff. I suppose I just do more or less depending lol
Kathryn Q.
I do 5he same 3xercise everyday. Routine is key for me and if it works why change it. Some people may vary their exercises depending on what they do
Baleine O.
I mix it up cause even if it’s good to have a routine, I hate that. So I tried to change little things in my basic routine. In my breakfast, or in my workout for example πŸ™‚
Hannah U.
I usually do the same exercise each day- walking. But on one to to two days each week, I add an alternate exercise in addition to the walking
Ute X.
For me, it depends on what I need that day
Sometimes I'll do the same routine, but more often I mix it up because my needs change from day to day