I manage a 24/7 workplace and often work odd hours. How do I reel in a sleep schedule when my work schedule has frequent changes? Thanks.

Requerino F.
Sounds like a lot to manage! I would recommend applying everything you possibly can, while making room for flexibility. Maybe make your sleeping routine longer, giving your body, more cues that it’s time to sleep, and giving it time to prepare and adjust for that. Ex: turn off your phone Thirty before, brush your teeth, get into pjs or robe, write in your journal, meditate, pray, sing, stretch, do whatever helps you unwind and relax, and get into bed. Try to do it all in order, the repetition is communicating with your body, and the order helps your body understand and what you’re trying to say. Be getting see as consistent as you can, but don’t beat yourself up. There’s always room for grace. I also recommend a white noise machine. Once you’ve slept to it enough times, it’ll help you stay asleep, and it’s an excellent sleep que.