It feels so great to accomplish excercisung yet it’s seems the one item easy to dismiss when busy. How do you keep it a priority?

B Rbaro S.
If we are talking about exercising, it is hard to prioritize. What I like to do is to make a plan. Maybe even make a habit tracker where one is working out. It really helps to write everything down that you have to do and follow thought with the plan so that you don't accidentally go on to tiktok. Make some sort of time schedule, so that you can see in front of you where you have time for working out
Stella P.
Keep it flexible, best not to box exercises into any stereotyped kind of activities. Enough opportunities to stretch / swing / walk extra, etc. throughout the day. Just remain open and take it playfully. Exercises don't have to be the same everyday. Discover or create new ones that fit your life! Thanks.
Angel X.
I exercise everyday at the same moment, after dinner and listen music so I can really enjoy it. Like that I keep it a priority
Siegried J.
I always remind myself that I want to get better with fitness and my health is something that I should take serious if I want a great healthy life. So if I need to walk 5mins around my house or dance around for 10 minutes, it’s beneficial as long as I’m active, breaking a sweat and getting my heart rate up!