What do you do to stay motivated if you don’t feel physically well, like if you’re sick or are having period symptoms, or bad allergies?

Cecilie W.
I don’t. I’m still struggling with it. I’m learning to get out of bed each and everyday. But the thought that I’ve done it before helps me see that I can do it again. If I just choose to start, maybe accomplishing my goals won’t be as difficult as I expected.
Anna T.
When I’m not feeling well, I allow myself to have a break – not to completely fall off track, but I go easy on myself – it’s about improving, not making myself miserable.
Gentil N.
This is a really good question, as I often find myself in the same situation. In that moment, I’m kind to myself and allow my body to feel what it’s going through. I maybe take a nature walk or just pamper myself with a face mask and a good book or a good tv show. Staying hydrated and napping always also make me feel a better. I hope this helps! 🙂
Lailah B.
I just remind myself that eating right and working out only strengthens my immune system and makes me feel better in the long run. When i’m sick i won’t do anything too strenuous, i’ll just do some light yoga or something. It really does make you feel better in the long run!
Alina O.
If I don't feel well enough to do a lot of moving, I listen to my body, and reduce the actoveness, I think it's important to let the body rest and heal. However, not to the point of constant slumber, instead of exercise I meditate more, do some light yoga (usually slow sun salutations flow), and stretch. Think of the unwell periods as if it's time to treat yourself, stay active but mildly and gently, because this is the time for your body to take a break, and concentrate on healing.

I hope you feel better soon 🤗

Amanda Y.
I give myself time to get my routine done slowly. I'm more flexible with my timeline and try not to get too down on myself for just doing one thing at a time. And some things I relax on slightly. My exercise that morning might just be stretching, instead of a jog or long walk. My breakfast may just be one slice of dry toast or piece of fruit. If I take my time and relax my expectations a bit, my goals and routine don't seem as daunting on days where I feel under the weather. And succeeding in doing them on days like that is very rewarding.
Lillie C.
I create a daily routine and I mark every time I do it, for this I find it more difficult to interrupt even if i am not very well
Seth O.
Historically I’d pout and give up. Now I choose to love myself through it. For example, if I’m sick I’ll take a warm bath with candles and do some relaxing yoga instead of forcing myself to run. I see those days as opportunities to give myself some grace without giving up entirely.
Aless G.
I'm trying to dance and listen and watch the most loved music clips. I'm trying to read books or listen short educational videos, it give fresh and useful information dose for my brain. I'm sleeping a lot of course! And I'm crying to my close sis in DM and she give me cat photos — it helps me to not feel myself lonely. And drink a lot. Hot water, tea, berry juice. So I receive useful vitamins that make my cells happy ☀🍜
Bevin N.
Motivation is essentially a myth. Habit is what keeps you going when you’re not feeling well. When motivation is high (when you first decide to start), you build the habit. Then when motivation drops, you just keep doing it because you’re used to it.
It takes 3 weeks to build a habit.
Nanna E.
If I'm feeling off on any particular day I make sure I do what I can and not feel bad about it. We can always drink water so tick. Still eat breakfast, even if it's just a slice of toast tick. If your back is killing you and jumping around is not an option then perhaps sitting and doing some arm exercises tick! It may not always be possible to do a perfect routine but at least you've done your best.