What do you do if you want to complete a routine but you really don’t want to spend time doing one of the tasks, even though you generally enjoy it?

Javier Z.
I tell myself that I accept doing that habit even if as little as possible. I mean, if I want to exercise I tell myself it is okay to exercise for one minute only, or if I want to have a great breakfast, I tell myself it is okay to eat anything healthy in the slightest amount. That way I feel good that my routine remains constant, and I don’t feel guilty. I may end up actually exercising more or eating better, because that little action can be a motivation, if I didn’t, that’s okay.
Because if I skip that day and it happens again and again, that will definitely kill the whole routine, and then I will truly feel guilty.
Liam O.
For me I try to really think about the flow of consequences that will come from skipping this step.
Once you give in to the ease of haf meassures it becomes part of your routine and slowly you cut out all but a few of the workouts that suit you.

Take it from me. Skipping these steps because of lack of will or pure desire to take less time can be catastrophic to the foundation you're building.

I started my morning workout of
50 High Knees
15 Knee to elbo Plank Pushups
50 side to side ski hops
25 walking Lunges
25 Supermans
Into one of 3 core workouts until I could hardly take it.

I stopped one day at Lunges and skipped to Core workout. The next day i decided for a morning workout it would be fine if I just did the first 3 and core.

After less than 2 weeks i did almost only 15 Pushups a day justifying it by I wanted to get better at them before moving on.

It is a cancerous thing to take small cuts. As that it self becomes a habbit. The feel good of knowing you have less to do in the morning.

So good luck and just stick to it. I hope this story scares you straight.

Sherri J.
I snooze it until the end of the routine. If I still dont want to do it, I dont and move on. It's ok to not follow every routine every time. Give yourself accolades for doing your best and making small changes leads to big differences. Celebrate the victories and dont feel guilty for theose times you just need a break.
Tara G.
Often times when new habits are getting set, and especially when old ones are being removed, actions known as Extinction Bursts can happen.

Extinction Bursts are where old habits, such as avoidance and procrastination, make one final try to reinforce their place in your life. It often feels especially hard to avoid, and it can be demoralizing because it happens in the last stages of habit re-forming.

I'd say just remember why what you're avoiding is good for you. Remember all the times you've celebrated in the past, and gently motivate yourself to finish the whole routine.

Leonard Z.
Do anything that you want Small Steps at a time until it becomes a Habit. For example, if you enjoy Reading, start by reading 1 Paragraph a day (which takes less than 30 seconds to do) and the important key is that you do it EVERY DAY for just a Little Bit at a time. Hope this helps!
Mathias C.
Je devrais avoir une penser sur comment je me sent apres lavoir fait plutot que de penaer a comment je me sentirais maintenant. La prochaine fois j'aurai un meilleurnsommeil
Cecira I.
Depends on what you're talking about, bud. For example, part of your routine is walking, and you like walking, but you don't want to do it? Well then, even if it's something you enjoy but you're not succeeding in finishing it, I say remove it altogether from your routine. Or at least think about why you put it in your routine in the first place. If you put it in your routine for important health benefits like excercising or stretching I say suck it up and do it. It's good for you after all. But if it's something minor like meditating and you truly don't enjoy doing it then cut it out. Again, as I said, it depends on what you're talking about.
Gabe O.
You must plan ahead for these tasks. Block out a time when you have nothing else planned but the tasks at hand and you won’t worry about the time it takes.
Luzie F.
Sometimes I feel lazy to start my morning exercise, but thinking of the strike I achieved already and losing it pushes me to do routine. I tell myself that I just do a little of crunches, but then I enjoy and complete the workout l in full.
Tom U.
Well I actually thought for a moment if I did this particular task throughout the day. For me – I don’t want to exercise in the morning for 8 minutes, because I commute by bike daily and it’s 20 kilometers every day. So I just treat this as an equivalent. I don’t need this habit, but I really want to follow the journey instead of adding habits to my routine by myself.