How can I build stamina to start running?

Danielle O.
Start with walking. After a couple weeks, increase duration and intensity to a power walk. Then you can begin running. But don't start with a mile. Start with a quarter mile and then gradually increase as you begin to feel more energy for running. Also remember that your sleep habit and food intake will also affect your stamina. Start small and slowly build up.
G Nter Q.
I would say try walking first, and then as you are able to go further and further start implementing a couple mins of jogging and alternating with a couple minutes of walking for the distance of your run. Then as you get better and more fit, it will become easier and easier. Another app I have used before is the Nike Running Club…they will create a free plan for whatever your running goals are and it’s completely personalized!!
Bert J.
Listen to strong music during running or buy some good looking sportwear to motivate you. Or eat 2 biscuits before running to make you energetic and motivate you to lose those calories.
Katja B.
If you're intimidated by running due to lack of strength or level of fitness, start with fast walks or bike rides to build up muscle and endurance. Also, remember that you're allowed to run slow. It's ok to walk for a while. Give yourself a few days to rest before going again. It might be tough in the beginning, but raising your fitness level from bad to good goes surprisingly quickly!
Daniel U.
I want to track my runs so that I can keep trying to improve myself. Running with friends also is a good motivator. I also would like to set a goal that i will be able to run in three months and that goal is 10 km. I'm now at a length of 5 km max. Why do you want to run Louise? 1. Condition is key 2. Beachbody is the dream 3. The more I work out, the better I feel about myself 4. Mens sana in corpore sano