Is cardio very necessary…. I don’t do it.

Robyn N.
Absolutely! It has been shown clinically to be the best way to improve your heart health. Think of it this way: when you’re doing strength training or yoga you’re often targeting specific muscle groups to help them to improve since our muscles tend to work on the use it or loose it basis..our body’s are inherently lazy in the way that it will not keep & supply energy to parts not being used regularly. So cardio is a form of exercise that your heart muscle specifically!💕 Aerobics are some of the best ways to get it easily & often it’s fun. I love to do some Zumba videos, or jogging & stairs, or a run on our elliptical for my cardio in between strength training days to break up the exercise routines & make sure that I’m using all of my muscles to keep them fit for my future, my heart included. Switching between the two types also does the same as when you’re switching between leg/arm/upper/lower body allows you to workout without hurting yourself by resting the the other muscles too. Hope that makes sense!
Alokenanda Y.
Yes, cardio is very important for heart health.
The heart is a giant, elastic muscle that, like all muscles, needs to be worked out to keep in top condition.
Cardio is workout for your heart.

You can do cardio in active, dynamic sports such as jogging, biking, or swimming. You can also get your fill of cardio by doing yoga: certain yoga poses are very effective in keeping you stationary but working out your heart.

Pedro U.
You do not need to do cardio exercise to lose fat. You can lose fat by restricting caloric intake, by doing resistance training, or by a combination of both. The main factor in losing body fat is taking in fewer calories than you expend. Cardio can help you expend more calories, but is not absolutely necessary.
Mocanu Z.
It is very necessary, especially in sports. The heart adapts and copes with the effort, providing better oxygenation throughout the body.