What is the best way to get motivated to exercise? I take the dogs for a walk (two 65 pound dogs is quite the exercise), but I’d like to start going to the gym too. How do I get motivated to do that?

Carl F.
Yoga for me is perfect in the mornings because it allows me to take a minute to breathe and collect my thoughts before beginning my day. Sometimes, weather permitting, I like to walk. The fresh air is always feels good to me and I like to hear the birds singing as the sun comes up.

Sally Z.
Stop waiting for the motivation. Just go cause you have to or even want to. Your mind belongs to you, don't wait for it to tell you when and what to do, take control, know why the action is important to you and just go for it. The rest of you will follow, body and mind. Let momentum do the rest.

Villads W.
Awesome that your doing the walks. In the past I was super motivated by physiques that athletes have. I wanted to get ripped and look awesome. As time went on I think a healthier motivating factor is looking forward to how good YOU are gonna look. If you slim down here or look stronger there, if you can imagine how much stronger or how much healthier you’ll look in the summer time, it might motivate you. Also…seeing daily or weekly improvements at the gym is also nice.

Anbar A.
I do 7 minute workout at home because I barely get time after office. I can’t do it perfectly but my it keeps my heart beating fast for a while and I feel more active afterwards. I go home, try not to get distracted and quickly get started. I’ve arranged a mat so that I can do it easily.

Nuela Z.
I mean you have a reason that u want to go to the gym so use that reason to motivate you also think that you need to be healthyer and you would reach that if you would go to the gym

Elise C.
Start by making a plan. Gyms can be super intimidating, especially if you're not used to going to one. It's easy to feel as though people are looking at you and judging you, or simply lost because you don't know how all the machines work. Just remember that the majority of people who go to the gym are there to better themselves – not to make fun of others. And when it comes to the machines, use your phone to Google easy gym routines to get you started, and watch how the excercises are supposed to be done. Go in with a plan and you'll leave feeling accomplished and confident for your next trip.

Benjamin Z.
I use the visualisation of a certain event or a person to inspire my mood when I am not feeling particularly optimistic about exercise. I reaffirm my desire to attend/meet up looking my best and feeling great. Works every time!

Monika C.
The best exercise is one you enjoy doing. Find type of exercise that you really like, one that gives you fun and joy. It doesn't need to be kind of gym training. Maybe you like dancing or playing squash or tennis. If you are doing what you like, motivation will come easily. 🙂