What do you do when you miss an exercise session to keep your momentum going?

Carleen N.
I try to do the exercise programs on Fabulous but some mornings I do not have time to do them. I have a pedometer app on my phone and it is programmed for me to do 9,000 steps. Quite often I do well over this 9,000 steps but I don't have my phone on me every moment in the house. So I figured its definitely a good source of exercise if I even just walk. Occasionaly I will make up my exercise regimen later at night.
Diane Z.
I have only missed a session when I've been sick. I actually love the idea of getting up in the morning to excercise or get moving in some way. It makes me feel like I've already accomplished something even before coffee.
Cami N.
If you mean like motivation for another day, or just later in the day, I think about all the benefits I gain from exercise and how even though it doesn’t always feel great in the moment, I am much more positive, energetic, and confident afterwards.
Tj G.
At the moment i have been treating myself to something small (could be a bar of chocolate or just renting a movie) at the end of the week if i have done it throughout the week. I find it helps me keep on track
Andy O.
Some stretching can be fitted in anytime I'm. Or just pick one or two 2 items from the 7 minutes session on make me fabulous that you can do anywhere. The plank triceps dip on chair push ups lunges
Trude X.
Move rapidly around my workspace or even dance for a little while to give myself a energy boost and to make sure my body puts a happy reminder to work out the following day.
Marcus N.
I don't really dwell on it much. Life gets in the way of everything we do eventually, so it's inevitable. I'll just work out tomorrow. I used to tell myself that I'd make time for it in the evening, but by the time I'm gone from work in the evening, I just don't have the energy/motivation to do much.