What are some good exercises for people struggling with chronic pain?

Carmen P.
So have you ever heard the phrase if you don't use you will lose it. So in this case dealing with pain it is a little different. But one thing you may have to do is build up your cartilage ( cushion in between your joints)because as you age the cushion in your joints deteriorates. So you need to research on supplements to help build up your cartilage in your joints. But even once you do this all the pain may not go away. But you have to move these joints either way it goes. So i just do leg lifts in the morning to keep the joints from completely locking up and keep them mobile. Do what you can don't over exert yourself or you could further the damage. Start out with ten leg lifts on each leg( up and out being as one ) then increase as time allows. I hope this helps on your exercise for chronic pain!