How many days a week is good to exercise?

Melissa S.
Personaly i like doing a 7min workout a day. I dont have a lot of time, so this is a good way to get some exercise in.

You should exercise a bit each day, but do what feels right to boath your body and your mind!

Filippa Y.
It's actually better to exercise daily. But if One can't ,so maybe he must do it on alternative days.
But getting away from exercise won't help.
Gabriel Y.
nutrient loading is part of detoxing, its refueling the whole system. if you have been living in a state of exhaustion or burnout you have to expect the recovery time to be longer. A good piece of advice I was once given is eat for health dont worry about calories etc. food is a fuel. The quality of the fuel you use will affect how you run. You can over think things. You need to enjoy what you eat. you can make it a ritualistic gesture to yourself a way of honoring yourself that in itself can be energising the pleasure attached to that gift you are giving yourself, what would you think of as a special occasion health food? do you have a list? like I always think of cherries and blueberries as occasion foods so to me buying blueberries is quite decadent event tho it now a regular thing it still always feels like a treat x
Derci Q.
It definetily depends on how you worl out. If you are hitting every muscle grouo each session you should take breaks and only exercise max 4x per week. But abs are a muscle group you can train every day. However armd and legs need to have a rest day. Else instead of getting fitter you will exhaust your muscles and do more bad than good to them
Gotthold W.
I think it depends on how you feel, how it suits you and what you feel good with.
personally, i haven't even thought of a specific number, but rather build it into my routine and adapt to the weather and my intuition
William N.
Personally I do a little exercise in the morning every day to wake up, but that's just to get the blood flowing a bit. And I think that one to two times serious exercise in a week is good, but it all depends on what you wanf of course. I'M doing it just to stay healthy and not to become a body builder for example
Eleanor W.
1 is already better than none. Try 3 in the beginning, if you want to. But remember that little exercise is better than no exercise at all 😄
Annie P.
Normally, in working days, we walk or ride in bicycles for education or work. We miss the physical activity on weekends. It is better to stretch the body in the weekdays, as we stay at education or workplaces for long time. I think the weekends are better for exercise as those days require relaxation and also blood circulation to keep going. In conclusion, exercises in weekend is better.