How do you keep yourself motivated to do exercises?

Genesis J.
I prepare myself mentally the night before, and try to do it in the morning/before lunch when I feel the most productive and motivated to get things done. Then I also feel great in the afternoon, reflecting on all I accompished
Jia L.
i set my fabulous routine, and i have the Nike Training App which is so good since both of these apps keeps streaks and the motivation to want to have a higher one pushes me to exercise, even if its just 10 or 20mins.
Shane Y.
I think about how much better I feel all day if I start with exercise, or how much better I feel all week when I'm exercising regularly.
Emma E.
This one is a bit tricky I guess, I have the periods of going to gym and running almost every day of weekend, and then also stopping for several months… The thing is it's hard to make the habit, but once you make it, it will be kind of second nature to you and you would want all of the energy and hormones rush that you get from exercise…
I would say start small, like with the morning exercise, dance intense to your favorite music and in between do some exercise moves, and try to expand on that… But when you make the habit, try to keep it up…
Joanna F.
I make my exercise super specific and do it as soon as I get out of bed – I go to sleep in my workout clothes. So for example, 10 pushups done as soon as I wake up. Don’t think, just do.
Anni C.
It's important first of all to recognise the unconscious thoughts that are sabotaging your exercise routine and become aware of them. Then it is to choose the kind of exercise that feels pleasant enough for you and that has a koe threshold to do every day. Start with something easy that you feel you can do every day. Last piece of advice is to do the exercise mindfully. Focus only on it when Youre doing it. I used to try to make exercise something I'd do on autopilot, to make it feel easier but that actually decreased motivation to do it. By being present while exercising has made it more rewarding to me.
Ceren F.
Its a little complicated but i will try to explain. I use exercise for feeling motivated for other things. Example: if i have to study but dont want to than i do exercise for 15 minutes. After that i feel more positive about studying.
Arnold Y.
I would suggest anyone who want to start exercising routine to follow Chloe Tings free workout programs. I wanted to be stronger and lose some fat. I watched some before and after videos on her workouts and totally got hooked. The results surely vary based on different body type. For me after around 2 weeks my waist went from 70 to 63 cm but my weight did not change much, dropped by 3 lbs
Rene U.
In the beginning I started out small, just stretching and one short exercise video, maybe 10 minutes. This seemed manageable for me and something I could commit to consistently everyday even though I am very busy. After I got used to this, I actually started to look forward to it because I felt so much better afterwards; stress relief, powerful, energized, slept better. Next, I asked my husband to exercise with me, together we motivate each other. From there I started adding more on until I found myself speeding up to 90 minutes at the gym! “Who am I?!” I would think to myself!
Imaculada N.
I keep it simple and cycle from 2 or 3 exercise options. If they're too complicated I just avoid it and having options helps me feel more in control instead of the exercise controlling me. Right now my options are 1) a yoga video from YouTube 2) a quick walk up and down the street or 3) a three song dance party in the livingroom.
Timothee Y.
I found something that I love, with an amazing group. Even during stay at home they do live classes everyday and allowed us to buy the kickboxing bags so we could continue our adventure at home.
Luke F.
I hate exercising, but I love dancing. So music motivates me, it’s helps me make every little exercise a little dance. I also start simple, I know I don’t like doing it but I must so I make things as fun as possible.
Lucas Z.
the reason why i am motivated to do basically anything is because i know the outcome will help me learn and get to a place i want to be in. i like the feeling of being accomplished and checking something off my to do list. it makes me feel good and the thought of knowing that it’s good for you helps a lot.
Laura N.
I like the sense of accomplishment, and now that I have been doing it consistently for multiple weeks…I love seeing the progress. I haven't lost a pound, but I repeat work out videos and things I couldn't do a week ago, now I can. It may not always be fun but just stop wastimg time and do what you need to do
Emily P.
I love my body and I like to stay fit to enjoy the little things in life. I stopped paying attention to my health because of work and I found myself abandoning me. Getting back to exercise is the best thing I have done for me. Just find some time to take care of you and you will be amazed by the benefits of exercise. A mirror is a good reminder of who matters most in your life, and that is you!