What are the best ways to reduce and eliminate belly, abdominal, and thigh fat?

Jacob G.
The best way is to be conscious of two choices; the food we eat, and the activity we do.
Food, the less Ingridents in a food item the better, eating just enough, not untill full.
Be active walk to the bus stop walk to the grocery store dance around anime do some exercises at home or at the gym.
Timothee Z.
Walking, jogging, running and cycling
Soan Z.
The best way to reduce belly, abdominal and thigh fat is by dieting. You can tone them through exercise. Don't try to eliminate fat completely. Firstly, you can't. Secondly, you need some body fat to be healthy.
Marisvalda F.
The best, but most boring, answer is to eat healthier. Don't do a fad diet, but just make gradual, better decisions about the things you eat. That's really what it takes. The secret to losing weight is that there is no secret.
Eul Gio T.
In September this year (2018) I decided to start making changes in my lifestyle. I had a baby a few years ago and had put on a lot of weight that I couldn’t seem to shake. Worse than the extra weight, I had very little energy, awful back pain, and didn’t feel like me.

I started growing my own vegetables in my back garden, which had the knock on effect of making me want to eat differently. I made the decision not to diet, but to change my whole lifestyle little by little.

I started slowly by making smoothies using fresh ingredients from my garden and replacing one meal per day with a smoothie. I then cut out processed sugar and simple carbohydrates. At no point did I allow myself to feel hungry or deprived, and I let it happen slowly and naturally. Once I started losing some weight, I was able to start getting some light exercise.

It’s been nearly 3 months and I’m already wearing quite a few items of clothing from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe and my weight loss is visible to others. Bearing in mind that I didn’t start on this journey to lose weight, but rather to have more energy, I’d say the results have been thrilling.

These are the key take home points for me:
1: Slow and steady wins the race. Focus on your health and the rest will follow.
2: Don’t deprive yourself. Have some rules in place but if you really need a piece of chocolate, just go ahead and have it.
3: When you start to exercise, start slowly. Walk around the block, dance around the living room, climb up a few flights of stairs. If you go all in from day 1, you’re going to put yourself off and will likely not continue.

I even have a small thigh gap again! Listen to your body, we are all different and there’s no one size fits all for this kind of thing. If you fall of the wagon, don’t get discouraged or let disappointment fool you into thinking you can’t jump right back on.

Good luck!

Conrado P.
Spend more energy than the amount you're consuming. Walking and swimming.
Armand Q.
First and foremost, you have to objectively look at your diet. Find more protein, omega’s, vitamins, and healthy fats, to eat, seriously consider green shakes and a diet like intermittent fasting, incorporate some exercise everyday starting slow but consistent, and use goggle to find legitimate information about all of that and showing the proven the benefits to the mind and body. Just add one or two things for a couple weeks and work your way up. Cheers!
Amalie C.
Drink lots of water and avoid snacks. Do core exercises every day and try running. Even sprinting in your backyard. Try calisthenics or take on a martial art. Boxing is a great way to lose fat. But workout every day.
Larissa J.
I find that I lose weight overall. With consistent daily exercise. Cut down on bread, grains and sugar. Stop eating when satisfied- practice Intuitive Eating. When I stop dieting and focus on healthy eating, along with the above mentioned, my weight somehow levels out and I can see overall improvement in mental clarity, body composition and acceptance of my own body image as my journey progresses.
Antoine C.
Cut out sugar in all its forms (so that includes cutting out a lot of carbs).
M Cio Z.
There are no ways to spot reduce fat. We each have a different shape and the best we can do is to eat healthy, exercise both cardio and weights, and love ourselves.
Tilde C.
A consistent caloric deficit, a lowcarb/ketogenic diet, weight training and cardio, and a healthy relationship with food. Also healthy supplements.
Diana Z.
Eat the way our ancestors always ate, and move the way they always moved. This is our genetic heritage, returning to it as best we can allows our bodies to thrive in health. No refined foods, less grains, wide varieties of movement, not just excessive cardio.
Ma Va U.
HIIT, Swimming, doing workout you like so you won't stop doing it, eat healthy, right amount and at a right time, fat burning pills are helpful but not necessary to achieve that goal, have an image of yourself already achieved that goal and constantly working on it to get there
Eleazar F.
Outside of liposuction, there is no way to reduce fat in a specific area of the body. Different people gain and lose weight differently, so there's no one correct answer. The most tried and true method for weight loss is through a combination of diet and exercise. Losing weight is about 80% diet and 20% exercise, so if you have to pick one, pick a cleaner diet over exercise. Count your calories. As long as the number of calories you consume is less than the number of calories you burn (base metabolic rate + exercise), you'll likely lose weight. As for exercise, cardio burns more calories than weight training, but muscles need more calories on a daily basis than fat. So having a workout routine that incorporates both cardio and strength training will result in better weight loss results. Finally, drink lots of water and eat lots of fiber. This helps keep your body hydrated, keeps you feeling fuller longer, and keeps your body from retaining waste.
Ella W.
I feel like it's a good combination of exercise and healthy eating.
Boavida P.
You can't target specific areas of your body for weight loss, a healthy diet consisting of whole foods, (meaning no processed foods), rich in vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes, minimal dairy/meat products and a daily excercise regimen is the best way to a healthy life.
Jonathan W.
A diet low in fats and exercise. A good and fun exercise to try is Les Mills
Juan R.
Answer is pretty straight forward. Workout and eat the right stuff, lots of veggies, fruit, drink heaps of water. For workout try implementing deadlifts, planks and other abs exercises. Good luck
Bryan J.
eliminate sugar and flour from your diet. Drink lots of water. Workout routine: cardio, abs and planks.
Aurelia H.
I think it is to avoid eating Sugar, and a lot of carbohydrates.
I also have fat around my belly which is stubborn and hard to lose. Perhaps, avoiding carbs and bad cholestrol mighr ne useful. Exercise is also going to be very important including planks, crunches.
Sofia C.
I think regular exercise and more importantly, a healthy diet. The exercise will boost the metabolism and the healthy diet will be the foundation for the exercise where the energy used are calories from fruits, vegetables, protein, and good carbohydrates. Also, drinking water all the time will be essential, and only water.
Capucine S.
Eat well and exercise. There is no way to burn fat in only certain areas. Get a workout plan that fits what you want to do(which sounds likr fat burn) and stick to it.
Oscar Z.
Hmmm, I feel like if you have a steady workout routine and a portion-controlled clean diet you can naturally decrease your fat storage because your body is working more efficiently. But, I also feel that belly and thigh fat storage amount varies from person to person. That we all store fat differently and we must accept what we have. But also be the best we can and want to be.
Eliza E.
Watching your diet and eating more healthful foods. Taking the time to exercise and being consistent and doing exercises that target the areas you are working on.
Uschi F.
Find something you enjoy doing so it really boosts the endorphins.
Asta U.
80% slow carb or ketogenic diet + 20% focused exercises.
Isaac Y.
Alright user, I personally am dieting and going to the gym right now because based on my BMI (body mass index) I'm overweight. With that said aerobics mixed with resistance training/ weight lifting and a high protein diet is the way to go for me. The protein is good for muscle building and repair and will make you feel more full hence consuming less calories.
Suzanna O.
The answer is easy but, if you want sustainable results, you will need to commit to a permanent change in lifestyle. A whole food, plant based diet I began 2 years ago allowed me to lose about 40 pounds over a 6 month period (which I have kept off without a struggle). The overall health benefits of improved diet go far above the changes in body profile. Plus, when you remove the processed foods and animal foods, you can eat as much as you want without counting calories or trying to control portion sizes.
Tristan U.
Start with butterfly asan! Easy but will go a long way. Do it just for 5 minutes but every day. And while you do it, imagine your fat going away.
No Lie Q.
The best way to reduce body fat is to exercise and elevate your heart rate. Body fat decreases across the entire body and not specifically in one region, so full-body exercise can help decrease body fat. Additionally, avoiding food high in trans fat and added sugar because that will contribute to fat on the belly and thighs, especially for women.
Yvonne B.
Downsize sugar consumption and cut out soda. Planks and sit ups work great for belly fat.
Anice I.
Get rid of imflammatory foods from your diet. Junk food, sugars, starches and large amounts of meat add to imflamation and visceral fat. I have found that removing or reducing significantly these types of food jas reduced inflammation and visceral fat from my belly, mainly.
Noham Z.
Drinking water to start, exercise that engages your core, weightlifting to build more muscle, healthy fiber in your diet, eliminate processed sugar, plenty of sleep
Laura G.
Honestly, diet is most important when reducing stubborn fat points. Cardio and streng training are also important, but for those last bits of fat you need to eat less sugar and less fat.
Stephen S.
Exercise regularly, in moderation. No need to do it everyday, but consider running or using an elliptical 2-3x week and add in some calisthenics.
Nora N.
Exercise. You can't reduce those areas without out. You can start with crunches and planks- normal and side planks. Thighs can be reduced by lunges. I hope this helps! 😀
Jessica Q.
Sleep well, eat clean and little and work out.
Hector A.
A constant intake of water throughout the day to help with digestion along with a fixed cardio workout routine
Esther J.
Decreasing sugar and fat intake, mix of cardio and weights training.
Roselinde Y.
Cut out carbs and sugar. Fruits and vegetables give you all the carbohydrates you need. And all the sugar. No alcohol. If you’re really serious , try this religiously for three months and see what happens.
Clifford U.
Sports, sports, sports! Doing sports not only reduces fat, it also helps to build up muscles which makes you look and feel better.
When you start doing regular and intense sport sessions, you will start to think more about healthy eating as well.
Try to find a sport that you like. Preferably you combine it with some kind of core training, since core muscles are always a good combination to belly fat 🙂
Don't do this alone. Find a group of people to do the sport together, or a club that you can join. Make sure they train regularly, since otherwise you will stop very fast.
Willard A.
Exercise, aerobically, reducing sugar, as well as simplecarbs. Exercising to firm and tone , like lifting weights is beneficial and stretching because we get tight with walking running and biking and lifting.
Kent W.
The best way is diet modifications and exercise.

We can eat more veggies, fruits, and white meats (seafood, fish, chicken).
Drinking water and avoiding sodas .
Doing exercise every day, cardio exercises are extremely helpful. Also abs exercise is very important. There are programmed videos such as insanity which is very good to help us to stick to our exercise plan.
Eat breakfast, lunch. But try to cut down and minimize dinner.