What’s the easiest way to keep a daily habit of exercising?

Troy Z.
1st thing prep your exercise bag for next day
Keep your gym/work out clothes ready before hand
Don't give a second thought for going to gym
Do what's right for the body hence for you.. this way you'll keep moving..
Also something is better than nothing.. When feeling like you can't do more or having a bodyache just do some warm up for maintaining a consistency.

Nino E.
I think the best way to keep exercising is to first make exercising light and enjoyable. Pushing too hard initially can overwhelm you, and could make you not want to go to day 2. So start light. Also when first starting out keep the length of the session short. Same principle as intensity. If you start out initially trying to do a marathon workout it can discourage you from continuing. Another good thing to do is put your workout shoes right where you'll see them as a reminder that you need to use them. Also try to make it enjoyable by adding music to exercise to. Last having an app like Fabulous to encourage you and keep track of your days working out can help as a reminder, but more importantly as a way to show you have been doing it and you'll want to keep the string of workouts to keep going.

Oliver C.
For me, I love lists. If it’s on a to do list I will get it done. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your to do list all crossed off at the end of the day.