What exercises people like to do in the morning ?

Loreen F.
I like to start my day with stretching or yoga. I also ride my peloton bike 4 to 6 days a week, but sometimes i like to ride later in the day. Stretching and breathing first thing grounds me and gets my day off to a good energized start.
Nathan P.
I currently prefer doing suspension training because it manages to incorporate both strength and aerobic training effectively.
Walter F.
A short run for 10-20 mins is great on days when you have a little more time to shower and get dressed. It makes you feel revitalised and awak the whole day. Yoga is also amazing for those more peaceful mornings when you want to start off your day by feeling grounded. It's a good way to stretch if you're feeling sore or stiff from the day before.
Tamisonel N.
Most people likes to do exercises in the morning by running out on the street or in the house with a treadmill or stationary bike.