For which type of exercise are you most motivated?

Pero E.
Strength training, in particular leg day and triceps workout. I like high rep exercises with the heaviest weights I can manage while still completing all reps. I'm no fan of cardio exercises, unfortunately.
James U.
Exercise which is fun and somewhat purposeful. I prefer archery, dancing, rock climbing etc rather than abstract gym machines
Milo I.
I motivated for my morning routine where I do light stretching exercises to start my day . Also my night routine because it includes breathing exercises, meditations and me shutting off all Technolgy to start preparing to go to sleep. Hope this answers your question. If not, let me know.
Analice Q.
i am most motivated by at home excercises that allow me to still to exercise but not have the stress and worry about making it to the gym.
Chris O.
I am most motivated to run because it helps my mood and makes me feel strong and better about myself. It’s also just great to get outside and go on beautiful trails, running at your own pace.
Olivia O.
I like exercise that doesn feel like exercise! Hiking or swimming at the pool/beach, running and playing with my dog outside, or dancing! If I can disguise my exercise as fun, I am much more motivated.
Marcus Z.
I think any martial art would be my favourite. I am yet to try any so not am I sure nor am I speaking in the definitive 🙂
Firmina Q.
I feel most motivated for the brief exercises I do every morning. I know they are not that hard and don't take too long but make me feel better and remind my body I'm alive. 🙂 I also enjoy walking, so I am motivated towards it. Getting regular activity is more important to me than getting intense exercise.
Tonya J.
I am lucky to live in Colorado, with easy access to mountains. I am most motivated to hike. The altitude gains can be tough, but the top of the mountain offers a great vista view or an Alpine Lake view if you're lucky. That view is all the motivation I need.
Ida W.
I'm doing the 10 minute stretch routine from the app as a definite as soon as I get up, then if I have time the 7 minute exercise routine. The stretching exercise is easy and gentle so it doesn't feel daunting, but once I've done it I normally feel like doing more, but if I don't at least I've done that!
Norma Y.
I like to do the elliptical best because it’s easily accessible, doesn’t give me a headache, and I can get a good workout on it.
Michaela Z.
I really enjoy boxing types of workouts or strength training ones. I like strength training because you can feel how hard you worked the next day and you can see progress faster (i.e. heavier weights) but boxing workouts are faster paced and are really fun!
Pranav E.
A run or a long walk helps me. I used to think listening to music was mandatory, however I now feel running without music allows me to think and ease my mind about the various issues that plague me at a subconscious level.
Sara N.
Not a type of exercise, but when it’s to music I reaally love. Music that would make me want to get up and move even if I wasn’t already exercising! 😄
Elis N.
I am motivated by a good swim, but I can't do that now. So I like a program I have with weights that was designed for me that get's me energized. Starting out with a good 30 minute walk is good too!
Emma U.
The ones that impact other areas of my life. The squats that make it easier to ski or hike. The pullups that make it easier to climb in and out of a boat. Or even the deadlifts that make bending over to pick something up a less arduous or even dangerous task. Functional fitness is more and more important as we age.