I’m struggling with coming up with power statements that feel powerful and push me to do what I need to get done. Any suggestions?

Joana P.
what i do to subconsciously push myself to do things is try to substitute “i think i can” for “ i can” and other things like that
Roshal Y.
At this point what I would do is to sit quiet alone and look in deep within myself and learn about the hardships I've gone through and accept the mistakes that I've made i would look at my own strength and build them up so they become more strong also that I would recommend watching or reading anything that makes you feel and live positively
Maddie N.
I trust myself to not let me down. I am in complete control of what I do. I am strong enough to do what I need to. I trust that I will follow through with my commitments.
Giulia O.
In my opinion the important things when you try to reach a goal are to believe in yourself (for example you can write yourself many post-its and stick them around the house to remind you that you can do it or go in front of a mirror and repeat "I can do it" )
And another thing that can help is having the company of someone who stays with you