How do you keep focused during your exercise session?

Sana A.
Well before that i start,i think about why i'm gonna do this exercise like ,im doing just for fun of it or there is a special reason behind.this is make me focus on it deeply.
Lydia N.
I either sing to my music or concentrate on my breathing to ensure I’m gaining enough oxygen to help me continue. To be honest you have to think on the outcome when you finish like how good you’ll feel emotionally and physically.
Tereza B.
Well.. I'm doing short exercises now, so it's really quick. 😀 but when I worked out for longer time I need to turn on some music I like. It helped me a lot. And sometimes I'm talking with my trainer in app bcs he always say "it is easy right?" And I have lot of words for him. Haha :))
Ardee G.
It's pretty straightforward in my case, because I exercise while walking my dog. I set a goal each day depending on what my body can handle, with concrete expectations (to the lamppost and back, brisk walking a short distance, taking my time over a longer distance, etc). Then I just keep listening to my body. Does it still feel like that goal is attainable? Do I feel like I can push a little further? Can I pick up the pace on the way back? It's about communing with my body and learning to always take pain / fatigue seriously, even if it means I need to walk further even if it feels unpleasant — the energy I'll get by improving my body will repay me with interest.
Mia U.
Well I’m excersizing with other people. Like my teams – cross country team for example. Excersizing with others really helps for some reason. Maybe it’s about internalized competition or the spirit of the group but it’a awesome. Also- pick a way to excersizing that is fun for you.
Hia X.
When I decided to embark on this journey it was crystal clear in my mind that I gotta be healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally. Whenever I start my session my focus is not on just finishing it but my focus is to take in every moment. Sometimes I get distracted but then I think why I'm doing this and I get back on track. It's for my growth and for that I've to keep moving no matter what.