On the days when you have an early meeting, how do you convince yourself to get up right away so that you have time to both exercise and make the meeting on time?

B J.
Nope, I find a time to do my routine later in the day when I can go at my own pace. I try to keep a cosistant schedule to avoid that stress.
Lorenzo R.
If you can exercise when you are at your worst (first thing in the morning where you are tired and groggy) then the rest of your day becomes so much easier. You free your mind from regret and instead replace it with fulfillment.
Ralu P.
On such days I try to make sure that i go to bed relatively early and have everything prepared for the next day: sports gear, exercise routine selected, breakfast preprepared or at least having an idea of what i want to eat. In addition i would also ask my partner to take the morning walk with our dog. (I usually do mornings and he does evenings)
Natasha Z.
I will do my first two habits ie drink water and eat a good healthy breakfast, so my exercise will be walking as I don't drive I will walk to my places of work. Also the people that I support I will encourage some form of fun exercise so we all benefit.
Sally T.
I think about how good I will feel after the meeting.
I also think about why I workout. I workout because I wan’t too see a difference from it. If I skip one day it will take one day longer until I reach my goal.
If I workout before the meeting I am also going too feel more energized at the meeting and I’ll have easier too concentrate the whole meeting.