How would I best combine yoga and running? Sometimes I am too lazy to do any of these.

B Rtil Q.
Do you need to do both? I would just do whatever you enjoy the most. That way you have more chances to built a habit from it.
Thekla F.
If you look on YouTube for ‘Yoga with Adriene’, she has really good runners warm up and cool down videos, they’re only 7 mins long each and I find they really help.
As for feeling lazy, I think everyone gets that! The best ways I’ve found to combat that are:
(1) just put on your workout clothes. Don’t even tell yourself you are or aren’t gonna exercise, just put on the clothes and you will feel more motivated, it’s like it tricks your brain.
(2) Do something little and often to get yourself into a routine. Just 5 mins of yoga every day, for example. (Yoga with adriene also has some great short videos!) if you get into the habit, you won’t even question skipping it any more.
Axel C.
Set aside specific days for each of these. Perhaps do yoga when you wake up, and it only has to be for 15 minutes. It really is a great way to start the day. Your running schedule will depend on your overall running goal – are you running for a specific purpose (a marathon, a race)? Or are you running to keep fit? If you’re running to keep fit then take off the pressure and start small. Start a few short runs maybe 3 times a week and then increase these distances when you start to feel you can. If you’re running to train for a marathon or race have a look at some running schedules online. Break it down and don’t try to do everything at once. Sometimes when you break it down or write out your weekly workout schedule on paper you can get a better picture. Remember that your schedule can be flexible too. Good luck!
Wallace O.
I would do some yoga first and then run. We are all the same, we all feel like not wanting to do these activities, but that’s why we are different than the majority, that’s why we are the winners of ourselves and lives 🙂
Franz Xaver C.
When I am lazy I do yoga, it could be only 7 min with few stretches but you have to be consistent. Days more motivated you could run.
Morris Z.
Well it's hard to know for sure but luckily fabulous members can help really all you need to do is motivate yourself and do yoga then go for a run trust me it helps but please if you have any other questions you can always talk to me
Kenzi P.
"Why do you want to do both?". That's the main question. For me, I need both. I have a sedentary lifestyle and I need running to improve my cardio (and effectively my health) asap – and yoga to improve my posture, stretch and unlock my lower back and keep my muscles flexible for running. First and foremost you need to find your 'why'. Then, you will want to do both!
Thea G.
Yoga helps you maintain balance between mind and body. In addition to increasing your flexibility it also improves your mood. To really do yoga the right way I prefer running/jogging first to prepare myself for yoga