Is it better to do cardio for more than 30 minutes?

Bree J.
No I don't believe it is goal is to get heart rate up and keep in fat burning mode which one can do by doing short bursts of cardio and then other excercises
Tyler Z.
Honestly I’ll do long cardio when I want to reflect. Shorter cardio is good when using a HIIT method. It allows me to work out the stress that’s plaguing me so that could also work. Mostly I go with a short run because of time.
Sally Z.
It is not. Aim for sustainability and consistency, a lifetime commitment requires you to know that you can do it for the long haul and you feel better rewarded through the results acquired through doable activities.
Maria Z.
If you can physically do it yes. It burns more calories in the long run and it improves cardiovascular functionality. If you cannot physically do it then no. It is always best to listen to your body no matter what is ‘better’.
Irene T.
Well studies say that you start burning fat after 20 min of exercise so if you want to bur fat it would be better do do 30 min or even more
Dianne F.
I don’t think so, the few times I have done cardio for more than 30 minutes I felt very tired and almost burned out. It took me a few days to be able to regain the strength to get back into the intensity I was at for 30 minutes. If you want to do the extra cardio later on in the day I suppose it’s ok as long as you pace yourself and listen to your body