What to do in the gratitude part, any example?

Tilde W.
Well i did started a gratitude journal as Fabulous suggested. To my surprise it did boost my mood. Now i wish to use that to my advantage.
Jerry Y.
I haven’t done this part yet, although I always try & be mindful and grateful anyway. It’s better to practice this too.
Curtis Z.
The act of searching for what to be thankful for is beneficial, even if you don’t find anything. You likely will and if you let go of any judgement of what you find, you can celebrate it ✨
Sibylla S.
Write the things you are truly greatful for and start thinking positive thoughts for the rest of the day always looking at the good side of everything!
Tony J.
I recently purchased The Secret and have been listening to it on my phone. There’s a part on gratitude where the author says she says thank you first thing in the morning, and again when she’s getting ready. I started doing this today and it really helps. I also journal in a paper diary every day about what I’m thankful for. This really helps. I still have down days but I’ve seen an increase in my happiness since journaling my gratitude.
Rosina T.
I take some time to relax and reflect in the morning, I write three sentences about what I'm grateful for in my journal.
Frederikke E.
In this part you can remember all the good things from the day. I prefer to do it before going to sleep, so I can dream with all the good things that happened to me.
Christian Z.
I rattle off a list in my mind of things I’m grateful for in that moment. It can be super small or obvious, the sentiment is still potent. If I can think of nothing, I always at least have gratitude for the time I’m taking to be grateful!
C Ndida P.
I think about what has happened today. I am grateful for many things every day. From my ability to be disciplined to the people around me. To something I learned. To how I feel. It doesn’t matter what you write about. As long as it is genuine
Xavier Z.
Start small, some part of your health, love from special person or people in your life, being in nature, an unexpected joyful experience .
Hope that helps
Ester R.
I'm grateful for the hugs from my son this morning
I'm gratful for my health
I'm grateful that I have a great husband
I'm grateful for the sun on my face today
Silas A.
First I think about the moments I my life where I felt happy/in love/at peace etc. Then I think about nice things that happened in the day, like my dog snuggling with me, and people who I am grateful for, like an employee of the public transit system who ensured I got to work on time.
Gesche U.
I have a journal page with questions to answer each evening, and two of the questions are, “What are you grateful for today,” and “What did you learn today?” Answering both of those helps me reflect on the good of the day and acts as a meditative practice, too.
Marinalda A.
Well, let's start with anything bad that has happened recently… Now imagine how that bad could have gotten worse, it might sometimes cause you to shiver or give you some goosebumps just thinking about the things that could've gone so much worse. But they didn't, so look up & thank the almighty Lord(well if you're a believer) or just say or feel that gratitude because what doesn't actually kill you definitely makes you so strong you survive any.
Phillip F.
Grautuied seems hard to have in the world these days, because we are told that what we have isn’t good enough and we need the latest thing, even if we have plenty or can make due with what we have. For some it takes a life crisis to show them what they have is better then they think. For others they might see on TV or even have a friend who can’t afford most of what they have.

As for me I was taught gradutuid from a young age. I was to be greatful for what I do have and work hard for what I want or as my parents and grandparents taught me and my siblings if we were to complain “you get what you get and you don’t through a fit, if you want more or better you have to work and earn it.” Or “feel blessed for what you have because some people don’t have that.” They are right though.

With that they taught us to be grateful for the gifts we receive whether it be from relative, neighbor, or stranger, because that might have been all they could afford. Plus it’s the thought that counts, right.

If your having a hard time being grateful, just know it could be way worse. And start the day or write in your journal three things that your grateful for like:

1 having blankets to keep me warm when I’m cold

2 for the clothes on my body that keep me clean and protect my skin

3 for food that I get to eat and water that I get to drink so my body doesn't claps

And try to make sure there a little different or be more pacific why your grateful for it each time you write them down.

If you start this you might start seeing things differently and realize that your luck for what you have now.

Max F.
Im writing all im grateful in my day in a journal by the end of the day. I am thi king on how to modify this or if i should. I do co.plwment with some highlights of the day
Mohammad G.
For me, it can be obvious, like for my health or my children, but I actually take the time to sit with it until I feel the same level of gratitude as I would if I were suddenly gifted with something extravagant that I wanted deeply. Or I may find value in something distasteful (like my current employment) and find the things about it I’m grateful for (like steady income, paid vacation and health benefits that weren’t there when I was unemployed). Again I sit with it until I feel the same gratitude as I would an extravagant, desirable, thoughtful, unexpected gift.
Jaqueline C.
Be grateful to your past self for something they did for you as if it was a friend. I combine this with empathy and doing something for my future self because he's my friend and I care about him.
This can be so so simple.
For example "thank you past self for starting this habit, I'm making this smoothie for you future self
Valentina E.
Just be thankful for something, big or small..I'm happy for the sleep I got, the dinner I ate, the run I did, the friends I have..
Thea N.
I write in my gratitude journal every night while I am in bed, just before I go to sleep and do my evening affirmations. That way I go to bed grateful for what the day has brought me. Throughout the day I try to notice things for which I am grateful and I also try to act kind and give thanks.
Sebastian X.
I've started journaling before bed. Not really "I am grateful for" exactly but things any the day I'll want to remember in a year or things I want to give myself credit for/celebrate our anything good or beautiful that happened
Martha E.
An example for me is a gratitude journal that I have yet to begin. Something that has been helping me with gratitude is reflection in the early morning hours. Almost a meditation but it’s quiet time to reflect on everything good in my life. I need to get that journal started!
Jimmie J.
I love noting my gratitude list everyday morning and I have been doing it everyday for the last year. Stick to a list of 10 and keep it simple
Engelbert E.
I write what I and happy and grateful for… Trees that give us oxygen, the sun, moon, stars, Earth, my family, friends, my job, career, boss, coworkers, the city and state I live in… The list can be endless. Running water, food, shelter. The beautiful colors of the sunrise. Appreciate and be thankful for everything!
Romy Z.
I like to choose little things that are easy to take for granted, like having a roof over my head or the sunshine. If I’ve been feeling down on myself lately, it’s a good time to remember and celebrate the good things about me – my health, my creativity, etc. It helps me get away from the things I’m not happy about, and pay attention to all the amazing things that I DO have in my life.
William P.
I want to be going to practice gratitude because I want nothing to go unnoticed. I want to start A gratitude journal. I think I having this journal in times of sorrow I will have something to look back on. I think this would be a good way for me to get my feelings out on writing instead of just reflecting in my mind.
Lauren T.
Sometimes I pray, sometimes I say what I'm grateful for out loud, sometimes I think of something, am silent, or pet my dog or cat. Sometimes it's long and sometimes short. Sometimes I ask my daughter to participate and I ask her what shes grateful for and we take turns. Many options.