I have a hard time feeling accomplished if I don’t do a 20 min workout, but I know that working out for just one minute is better than none and I should celebrate that consistency. What are your tips for how to reframe my thinking on that?

Virgil A.
I try to do a group class or do a full body workout for about an hour 3 times a week and do a quick workout on my rest days. I recommend not doing your 30-60min long workouts consecutively.

Hansgeorg F.
I'll tell you what helps me in this case: a deep acknowledgement of the fact that perfectionism (and over-achievement as part of it) is a silent but very distructive neurosis. And I can't afford to allow myself be manipulated and destructed by such an enemy. So I fight it with calmness, patience and extra selfcare. I'm sure you also can find your way through it <3

Lilou Y.
I feel the same exact way!! I make an effort, even when just stretching for 5 minutes, to tell myself the entire time that this is better than nothing. It helps remind me. I repeat it until Im in the swing of doing whatever activity i chose, and as soon as i know it, its 5-10 minites later. Soon itll be 15, then 20!

Inaya G.
Don't start your day feeling like a loser, because it rips your day in half in a real way. haunting yourself with that vibration just makes life a stressor instead of a journey. There a 7-10 minute workouts that really travel across the entire body. I use resistance bands so if i want to feel more accomplished, i push up on the rigidity of the band! Same amount of time, deeper workout!

Beverley Q.
Any exercise is better than none but I have heard this a lot from people. Here's what I tell them. First of all beating yourself up about mistakes is a waist of time. Being upset with yourself can often stall you and even stop you from achieving your goals. So put away the self doubt and promise yourself a better day tomorrow.
Second if you do only achieve 5 or 10 minutes simply add small bits of exercise throughout your day. Jog in place for 2 minutes. Hit the stairs at work, do leg lifts at your desk. I have even seen people keep small weights at their desk and lift while working. There is a lot of research that says this can be better for you than more traditional exercise.

Kenzi C.
I think it is great. Feeling good to have worked out no latter the duration. Better than feeling guilty for exercising not long enough.
Every small step is important enough and move towards changing the habit.
Celebrate the change. No need to give attention to what is lost too much

Lauren S.
Just keep it up and celebrate your consistency.
On the other hand you should always remember that its the the amount of time you have worked out that matters its the workout you do with dedication and pure muscle concentration is what matters ultimately.

Eg : if you work out for 2 hours and you have concentrated only for 30 mins in that and for the remaining 1.3 hours your mind has been distracted while doing your workout then you reap benefits only for that 30 mins of concentrated workout

Mads W.
Exactly. Maybe focusing on consistency rather than time. You will get back to 20 minutes, but when you can prove yourself you are ready using a step by step approach

Annette U.
I think it's best to focus more on the consistent action of going to the gym rather than the duration of the workout. Jerry Seinfeld used to keep a calendar that he would mark off everyday he told a joke and his goal wasn't about how good the joke was but more about not wanting to break his chain. Focusing more on being consistent should help you overcome any frustration you have when your workout isn't as good as you would like for it to be

Tony U.
I had the same issue and I think I still have it, however, it is been helpful recently to do the minimum work out. Like 3 minutes stretch and still feel accomplished. And then maybe slowly I'm hoping soon it will 10 min workout and then 20 min etc.
I tried to start with 8 minutes and for a start that was surprisingly long for me

Amanda C.
You have to start somewhere. This is all about getting in the habit of doing something. You can't start in the middle of a 20 minute workout cause you can't consistently do that every single day. 1 minute of cardio is better than nothing, cause you're getting your mind ready for the day. You can also build up to where you can do 20 minutes of workout consistently.

M Cio E.
How about talking to yourself as if you were a friend, instead of listening to yourself? What would you tell him/her? "It's better to be consistent. One minute will get your blood pumping, better your mood…"

Antoine T.
For a while had the same feeling of a minimum exercise time to feel satisfied. My recommendation would be you review the exact reason why this is happening and take it from there being honest with you. In my case it was related to my overweight and my association with more exercise to get results. I overcome this feeling with being hones mt with me understanding that the results to lose weight are not entirely related to exercise, but eating patterns and discipline, and if I want to I can workout less one day and more the other day. So don't be so hard on yourself be honest and definitely celebrate consistency!!
Hope to be of help :).