What is an easy to follow resistance workout?

Delfino E.
Best answer to this as far as I am concerned, is a $15 p/m DailyBurn subscription. You will find most types of workouts on there as well as some very good programs and it goes with you for traveling – and no, I don’t work there nor am I sponsored but it’s changed my life.
Tessa J.
Five things I can suggest:

1- Start small. You don't need to exercise like a pro athlete or even an amateur one. Whatever you want to do, do it like you are 8 years old.

2- Make it easy. If you want to go to a gym and the gym is 7 miles away, there will be a good excuse to skip to go to there. Instead of that, let's start with exercises that you can easily do in the home, first thing at morning. Rope jumping and yoga are good examples for that. Use the power of YouTube and make a search of "easy exercises that can be done in home".

3- Never skip. Sometimes you'll have the motivation to do your exercise but sometimes you'll definitely not. At these days, just start to exercise and don't aim to finish that. If you do yoga, for instance, roll out the mat and sit down on it just for 5 minutes. But never spend the exercise day without exercising.

4- Make it obvious. If you want to go run tomorrow, put out your running shoes beside of your bed. Prepare your shirt and short. TONIGHT.

5- Track your progress. Hang a calendar somewhere easily can be seen in your room and mark the days you complete your exercise with a checkmark and the ones you don't with an X.

Holly P.
All those involves my own weight or just a couple of dumbbells like:
Jumping jacks
Jumping with a rope
High knees jogging

These are my favorites. With 5 minute walk before workout and 10 min stretching 🙆🏽‍♀️

Find the right ones for you. For example I do squats everytime I can and that’s when I’m going to the bathroom. Every time I finish my business I do 10 squats. At the end of the day is like 100 squats per day. Easy and you won’t even notice. You can choose the trigger that you prefer to. I also do push-ups against a wall to give an extra tone to my arms 💪🏼
Hope for the best!

Francisco Q.
Bodyweight resistance is plenty for most people. TRX helps as you can incorporate pull movements as well as push movements
Rouven F.
Follow the ones that come with the application, me being a very lazy person couldn’t come up with one of my own because that would be extra work. Find something you can do without having to change from your pyjamas and that you can do in your room
Louis J.
Using some light dumbbells, get on all fours with wrists under shoulders. Extend right leg behind you, and draw weight toward left side by bending elbow. 12-15 reps each side.
Elia E.
just do something that you can enjoy, like dancing or going for a walk. Another option is to do some routines that this app has for you. Good luck!🙆🏻‍♀️
Pauline Y.
Swimming is a good one but I don’t know other than that. I don’t have access to a pool, but I love swimming; just not the effort to go to the gym and all the time that is taken up to do it.
Vitalina I.
Something that interests you. Specially something that allows you to feel like you are getting better at it. I find that if I see myself getting more reps of something then I'm more motivated to put myself in that sore position. For example 5×5 stronglifts works just as well as the Sweat by Kayla workouts. One uses barbell and weights and the other is more body weight workout. But the concept is the same you work three days a week on alternating days those breaks are essential because that's where your body repairs itself and thats where fatloss or muscle gain happens. So resting is very important.
Anyway back to the topic, right now I am following BBG workouts by Kayla on the Sweat app, but I honestly love 5×5 stronglifts more. 5×5 makes it easier to see , feel and enjoy the progress. It's harder for me to do BBG as it's a lot of movement and i feel like I'm doing it forever. Although for both workouts I've never had to stay in the gym for more than 1hr.
Catherine F.
Strong lifts.. it's an app with a program which gives you the basis of the main compound lifts..its easy to follow and you will get good results