I have a major phone addiction. In the morning I waste a lot of time playing dumb mobile games in bed, or on the toilet. I can’t stop. I don’t want to delete the games either because I like playing the games in the bus or train too. What do I do?

Adryanna Y.
Make a limit to the game. If you have an iPhone, simply go to settings and screen time. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to set limits for apps, such as this game. I use this if I watch too much shows on Netflix or Disney+.

Ianthe Z.
You don't have to delete your games, but you could install an App, that reduces your screen time!
You also can aks your parents for controling your screen time.
That might be helpful 😃

Sophia N.
Maybe try to slowly replace it with something you like? Like instead of walking up to play on your phone, wake up to read your favorite book? Or maybe to go and drink tea? Setting a timer and sticking to it will probably help to.