Why does the workout have to be in the morning? I ask as I sometimes am not at my best in the am because of muscle aches and pains. I am better later on when they have eased or the pain killers have kicked in.

Isabel N.
Working out in the morning helps with motivation, both on making your body start to wake up on time as well as preventing anything else later on in the day interfering with your habit.
Soham U.
When I workout, I preffered morning because of the aches and pains that I experienced during the long night rest. Working out in the morning is the best time to move your body as it sets the tone of your day.
Hauke Q.
well, as a person who does exercise in the early morning, i find it fairly easy to wake myself up and feel better about myself through the day. henceforth, i wake up around 5:30am to exercise for roughly one hour to two, and watch the sunrise. i stretch in order for any aching to relieve itself and it is much more peaceful in the morning when i do so. i wouldn’t rely too much on pain relievers and i prefer to take energy boosters and vitamins for an energized feel. i hope this helps!
Aneta F.
Well it's because exercising in morning helps our body in various ways like
It burns more fats,
Your skin will become more healthy,
You'll sleep better at night, Reduces stress and depression, Metabolism works faster,
Helps build muscles more efficiently
Exercising in general can help you burn fats but the thing is that morning exercises are much more effective in burning calories and excess fats. The reason is that the fat oxidation is found to occur naturally when the workout is done before breakfast.
Although exercising at any time of the day can help you achieve a natural glow and bloom to your skin, nothing can beat the glow that you can get from doing your routine in morning research and studies have found that people who exercise in morning have more radiant, glowing & blooming skin than those who exercise in the evening.
Exercising in the morning gives your body a healthy kind of fatigue and stress at the end of the day which results in deeper and better sleep.
Being active can help reduce stress and depression. Getting up and out to do your fitness routines will produce the endorphins or the happy hormones that will prevent you from feeling down and depressed.
The greatest benefit that you get from morning exercise is the dramatic enhancement of your metabolism, after you finish your workout you still burn calories, this process is EPOC – Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (want to know more search in internet) .
Its very effective for the very reason that our body is in its prime muscle building state.
You may feel that you are not a morning person but if you really want to make life changing moment in parallel to your health start exercising in the morning.
Johanne Y.
Honestly it doesn’t have to be in the morning at all, but usually you burn more fat that way because you have been fasting all night and haven’t gotten to breakfast yet, but you can exercise any time. Just remember diet is like 80% of it. Exercise 20%
Glen U.
It is not good to depending on pain killer. One small step in the morning will make your body better and ease all the pain away.
Eve B.
Morning workout is to boost your energy level in the morning so it helps you to continue your work through out the day. Just a small workout would do it for you.. and you can always hit the gym maybe do a heavy workout at home in the evening if you want..
Bernard T.
I dont work out in the morning (due to being a high school gymnast who’s practice is 4-8 pm), but I think it’s so you can do it when it's colder, rather than when it's insanely hot. It also can get you more energized.

Try to stretch before and after the workout. If you are still sore, try to start with fewer reps and go until you aren't sore, and add more as you go. I also use a foam roller or a lacrosse ball to roll out. You can replace the roller with a water bottle and a lacrosse ball with a tennis ball if you don't have them.