How much water should I drink before exercise?

Claire C.
Drink as much as you need. Listen to your body,it knows what is enough.
Also drink throughout your exercise. You need liquid as fuel.
(Don't drink a gallon just because some blogger said.)
Tim E.
I have no idea, but your body will tell you. Get a big water bottle, keep it with you at all times. Make it habit to grab in the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning.

Dont force it and waterlog yourself, just drink when your thirsty.

Once you are fully hydrated, there will be no reason to "drink water before you excercise" You will already be hydrated.

Justin J.
Drink enough that you feel you won't need to drink again until you're at least good and started so you don't throw off your beginning, but don't drink so much you will need to seek the facilities Midway through.
Rudy F.
You should drink an Energize drink 30 minutes before working out. Then during the workout, either drink water or better, a Hydrate boost that replaces whats lost and promotes endurance.
Maureen O.
It depends on the duration and intensity, also time of year. Summer high intensity is different than winter high intensity and winter low intensity. At least 8 ounces on average I'd say either way, 16-24 even better. Listen to your body carefully. It will let you know.
Carmen N.
I'd say drinking water is more important during and after your exercise sessions that before them. Nevertheless, it is important to drink water regularly during the day, no matter what you're doing
Kati J.
When I was 15 and weighed 110 pounds my competitive dance team coach made me drink 50 fluid ounces of water before outdoor summer practices (80-90° heat). The hotter your environment, the hotter you get exercising, the more regularly dehydrated you get, and the bigger you are, the more water you should drink beforehand. For instance, at the same age and size I might have drank 10-20 fluid ounces before a swim practice because a) in water you don't sweat and b) water is always going to cool you more than air.

A rule of thumb if you're regularly dehydrated is; drink until you feel like you'd puke if you drank more. Take a break. See if you can drink more than that. Then when you recover, work out (Drinking 50 fluid ounces was a lot and under pretty intense conditions; she made it a rule for me after I passed out from heat stroke twice. DO NOT drink more than 80 fluid ounces in an hour).

Betty X.
Probably about 1 cup to 1 pint. That's what I think. I'm a distance runner so I don't drink any more than one cup within half an hour before I start running because it sloshes around my stomach and messes up my routine. then afterwards I drink as much water as I want.
Joe Z.
I think you should try and satisfy your thirst and wait a little while for it to settle before exercising as to not upset your stomach. Try drinking a pint of water about half and hour before you exercise, and then have a gulp of water right before you start.
Sierra Y.
Great question! I personally don’t like to drink too much, or else I feel my stomach swishing as I workout. Instead, I suggest sipping water throughout, which also ensures you won’t need to stop in the middle of your exercising to go to the bathroom.