Do you have snacks before or after your exercise sessions?

Stratos A.
Usually, before my daily workout, I eat some roasted (unsalted) almonds and an espresso, to boost (ok, actual to wake up) my brain. I'm not sure how healthy espresso might be, but it works! 😊
Anushka C.
I eat after I exercise. Although I suggest not exercising an empty stomach so I drink coconut water 5 minutes prior to my exercise
Crysta N.
After! I’m not overly hungry when I wake up so once I’ve had a light exercise I’m able to take my JP with some yogurt and fruit 🙂
Ayesha X.
I have snacks after my exercise as it refills me with energy and power for the rest of my day rather than making me feel dizzy or nauseous.
Jacque F.
We all experience days that seem dark and pointless! When I experience this, I look for simple things to be grateful for. Some examples: another day to be alive and start fresh, sunset, sunshine, etc. Finding gratitude doesn’t have to be a major event. Keep it simple, especially when down. Always remember, someone has it worse than you. Then seek to find 1-2 areas that you appreciate that do bring you joy!
Eli Q.
I really depends on the moment. I don’t have snacks to reward myself. But when I notice I am low on energy I get something to eat, like a protein bar, before I start working out
Babette O.
Well, sometimes I had breakfast or a snack before my workout (yoga). But I've noticed I can enjoy my exercise more when I eat after! My body feels better too, when I start the day with excercise before eating. 🙂

Hope you have a great day, good luck!❤😊

Starlight C.
It depends. Say I do my exercises in the morning, I'll eat after. If it's in the evening il leat before and if it's in the afternoon, it just depends what time I had lunch.
M Lina Z.
No, it's better to eat after
exercise but not snacks,
after exercise try
something delicious and
healthy, try avoiding sugar
as you can. It's also better
to eat after at least 2 hours
after exercise. But you can
eat after exercise, it will
boost your energy.
Fi T.
Generally after. I will often have a banana before an event. It depends on how long or far I'm exercising. If it's a long run or bike ride I will bring small snacks to eat along the way.
Emma U.
I often have snacks after exercise, depending on the exercise, e.g, yoga: banana or dried fruit or nuts, for cardio: Protein Treck bar to replace the protein lost during exercise.
Terri E.
Before definitely no! I don’t feel very well although I’m always hungry! After exercising I’m eating not only snacks but my full meal!
Jud I.
after the exercise because I don’t like to eat anything before. Makes me feel
heavy and sometimes lazy that I don’t workout.
N Rio Y.
No I don't have snacks neither Just after the workout nor just before the workout .
Because the reason is snacks helps you in gaining calories and you are doing workout for reducing that calorie and food cravings or whatever the reason is but snacks during workout time is not healthy for you, for anyone.
Take as much as water/drink you can take before or after the workout not during the workout .
+ My recommendation is to not take any snack once you start doing workout , once in a month you can take as we all know we all are human being, food cravings are normal for us 😝
Start eating fruits, vegetables (green) , smoothie, juices, shakes , milk and another energy giving foods.
Mary Jane B.
I try to sustain from it during workout days but I always fail and get disappointed with myself, so from ur suggestive-question I’ll try considering having a snack after workouts as my reward.😉
Jean E.
neither i don’t really eat snacks cause of i’m trying to loose weight not gain but when i do it’s after and i’m not trying to loose weight cause i’m fat i just want a flat stomach