How do I tackle laziness and make sure that I excercise over the weekend as well?

Cameron J.
I usually exercise in the mornings. It gives me a spike
of energy and motivation for
the day. Having done something early in the day, keeps me organized.
Ilse Y.
To make it small and to make it fun. Maybe walk to the soccer field Just to watch. Or take the bike doing groceries/coffee
Nitika X.
Just think that you are special and you need to stop you laziness and just make a mood with your favourite music for excercise and get ready…! No need to force yourself for anything at all!
Heleno Z.
Well, I normally, count to 5 seconds to stand up and do some productive things or just put a 10min chronometer and start mi work. And right now the only things that make me feel like I excercised enough it's by doing it.
Marcus X.
To tackle laziness and make sure you keep exercising every morning, even in the weekends you’ve got wait a second and ask yourself why you’re exercising, why are you doing this? Is it to be fit, to feel more confident about yourself, to make yourself healthier or maybe it’s to make a routine and install some habits which you will do every day. As soon as you understand why you’re doing all of this, you just need to give it a try do it for three days, and you will realize that even just after three days it will somehow have became a habit and it will get easier because you won’t have to « force » yourself to do it in some kind of ways, you will just do it because you’re used to it, it’s a routine after all. After you’re done with the things I’ve mentioned before, it will be way easier and way better.
Philip A.
Laziness is something that comes to you running when you don't know your goals clearly. You have to know that excercising is very important thing to your body which supports you in everyday activities and situations. To keep going on like this, excercising is necessary. Tell this to yourself seriously whenever you feel low.