When do you exercise?

Lisa W.
I usually exercise about 7 in the morning. It's right after breakfast and before work. I usually just go for a 10 minute bike ride or walk.

Enzo F.
I exercise in the morning right after waking up. I try to do it then because I do not have much stuff to do at that time.

Beverly S.
I exercise every morning for eight minutes.. And I also go to the gym everyday in the evening.. Fabulous has helped me to keep on going to the gym and exercising in the evening and progressing each time more.

Johan W.
I’m still trying to build up a routine. Thought the plan is to get up, Excercise, have breakfast and get ready. So I suppose the short answer would be first thing 😂

Fernando N.
I always enjoy working out at the end of my day. Depending on the day I’ve had it helps me to celebrate a good day, work through question that may have come up and get out and anger I might have.

Ana O.
I like to exercise first thing in the morning. It wakes me up and then I don't need to worry about having enough time or energy later in the day. As long as you are willing to wake up early enough and go to sleep at the appropriate time then you can fit a workout before breakfast.

Signe E.
Yesterday I got some new information about training and flexing my body. I now know better than before what to do when I have a backpain and a leg that is tentioned. What helps me to exercise In a more proper way then before. When I am up to it and feel the space to do a workout I use this app to do a short workout. Next to it I train ones a week at the gym.

Brandon E.
Mornings. I find that if I exercise at night (I get out at 9:30pm), it is harder for me to go to sleep because I’ve made myself wired from the endorphins.

Alison E.
I prefer to exercise in the evening: spinning at the gym or salsa class. Usually from 7pm. In the morning i just go for a short walk

Jessica E.
Usually on monday, wednessday and friday or saturday. It doesn't really matter which days you choose but it does matter to have consistancy in your work-out schedule. This way it becomes a routine and you don't really think about it anymore; you just do it!

Mathias A.
In the morning . When i get up in the morning got fresh and ready for my exercises. I do pushups , plank, jumpping jack, and some weight lift for my biceps

Mikkel P.
I exercise either first thing in the morning or later in the evening. It depends on my mood and what the weather is like.

Amaury F.
I started to walk at least 10000 steps a day. I love hot yoga up to 3 times a week, spinning once a week and I want to start lifting weights. But sometimes my depression takes over and I have difficulty with keeping my exercise routine.

Hebe Z.
Since I've started using Fabulous, I do a quick workout in the morning and a heavier one later on. Usually, I do that workout around 5 and 6.

Aquila Q.
It depends on my work schedule! I primarily do yoga and it’s very hard to be flexible in the morning so most says. I workout in the afternoon or evening!

Cory F.
I go for a long walk in the morning right after I wake up. It is cooler and there are less people around plus it leaves me energized and excited for the rest of my day.

Eva B.
I’m trying to exercise right after I woke up. And I think it’s better to do it before breakfast, so afterwards you can get focused on other important things.

Alexander O.
I usually work out after work so when I get home I don’t have to leave the house again and it’s not just one more thing I have to do.

L O Z.
I like to exercise in the morning, as early as possible. The earliest I workout the better , I feel energized for the day and have the rest of my time to dedicate to furthering my dreams and goals.

Candice U.
Depends on my work schedule. Some days when I don’t have to get to the office early, I will work out at home before going in. Other days I’m off on the road and leave early so I’ll work out in the evening. I especially love to do yoga in the evening to help stretch tense muscles and relax.

Carlos Z.
Usually I exercise whild comuting with my bike and some days at the gym after work. Now I started streching in the morning as well.

Jeff W.
I’m on a swim team, so I get some cardio in the afternoon, but I also do a quick workout right before I shower in the morning

Lu S N.
In the morning, straight after I get up, brush my teeth and wash my face.
I do yoga, so I just stay in my pyjamas. By the time I’m done, my mind and body both feel awake and ready for breakfast. It’s a really nice way to start the day 🙂

I also like walking in the afternoons to shake off any fatigue I feel after work – easier said than done in winter, but I still make an effort to do it because I just feel so much better when I do.

I keep both sessions short so they stay achievable (15-20 minutes) with longer sessions (up to an hour or so) when I can.

Zoe R.
I move for 10 minutes after getting up in the morning. I do 20 more minutes of biking or elliptical at lunch, but I have an hour break. Nothing strenuous enough to pour sweat. Finally, on the weekends I do higher impact or longer workouts in addition to my 10 minutes in the morning. Think about it…..10 at rising, 10 at lunch and 10 after work is the perfect combination for workdays. I shoot for at least 150 minutes per week. The key is variety.

Eleni X.
First thing in the morning. Right now the exercise session is short so it is easier to fit in to the day. Hoping to exercise longer by prioritizing the day differently in the coming weeks

Veronica E.
First thing in the morning after getting up, 8-12 minutes on a home stepper, followed by resistance/bodyweight training (loops/TRX) for a total of up to 30 min, before breakfast and some 12 min of cycling to work.
I find exercising first thing in the morning also increases my overall daily activity level, as I hypothesize my brain has now formed the “positive connection” of exercise and feeling energised and awake.