When you see the exercise habit in the morning, do you only check it off if you complete exercise in the morning, or do you check it if you exercise at all that day?

Emilie W.
I usually do not exercise at all so I am trying to instill this habit into my life. I have a reminder to exercise in the morning so I excersise in the morning. It isn't much. I do five to six push ups, that don't have the best form but I have seen improvement. I used to not be able to push my self up at all. But whenever I push my self up I feel my muscles working. This in its self is encouraging to me.
Denice Q.
I wake up in the morning have a good breakfast, brush my teeth and take a walk then run, as soon as I get home I do my daily routine exercise, and at last clean my house
Sierra Y.
I check it off if I exercise during the morning. I don’t usually exercise first thing in the morning, but as long as I do something before eleven, I count it. For me, exercise could be anything from lifting weights to using my muscles at work.