How can I eat a lot without disturbing my digestion (of course while exercising), to put on on some muscle mass?

Levi P.
I’ve always heard that to put on muscle you need more protein. Protein can come in many forms such as meat, protein shakes, different kinds of beans, and nuts like almonds. It’s best for you to do research on different forms of protein intake and which is best for you. Nobody knows your body better than yourself!..and your doctor.
Ambry P.
I’ve heard eating a lot of protein works. I’ve also heard peanut butter after a workout helps. This is just what I’ve heard though.
Albana T.
I personally struggle with the same thing. I've been trying to gain on some weight and muscle mass for a while now. I would recommend you eating eggs for breakfast at least 4 day a week /but not everyday, my parents have always told me that it is dangerous/, also eat fish at least once a week and focus on eating more meat. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with any vegetarian/vegan regimes.
Mathilde F.
The best way this question answer this question would be, think of swimming in the pool. Now of you really like seimming would that mean you will do it 24/7? No. You have many goals and tasks to complete and must put a limit on your swimming. Yes, you enjoy it so for you swimming could be a great way to reward yourself however, that does not mean you forget everything else, right? Similarly, if you enjoy eating and would like to eat a lot just keep in mind that rewarding yourself in extremely important so make sure to celebrate but still have the braveness to continue your normal important tasks which need further attention. Remember do not worry about tasks from the past…forget them. Live in the present. Peace 🙂 .