How do you prepare your morning exercise every day? It is hard for me to set a regular time to do an exercise every morning. How do you manage it?

M Lton C.
I use the Nike Training Club App. The premium version is completely free because of COVID. It has workout courses and all you have to do is follow along. Right now I’m doing the Nike workouts 3 times a week and 2 times a week I do the scientific workout. On the weekends I just do yoga. Hope this helps!
Sydnee Z.
For me, I start the morning off with a short jog. Jogging is beneficial to me in many ways. For one, being outside first thing on the morning makes your body take in light, signaling that it’s daytime. If your body knows it’s daytime earlier it will know it’s nighttime earlier too. Eventually, this will cause your body to start producing sleep hormones earlier and allow a better night sleep. Another benefit to jogging, however, is that it doesn’t take much preparation, just a couple minutes of finding a good path. Also I don’t really have to set a permanent time. Jogging is doesn’t take very long, usually about 10 minutes. I do it first thing in the morning and it really helps me start of the day right!
Don P.
I wake up and drink my water then immediately start my exercise I have an app to help me choose my exercises and a coach then I take a shower to start my day having my rich breakfast and go to work 😊feeling energized 💪
Ana S G.
Right now I am working on building exercise into my routine. I don’t always actually exercise in the morning, but I put on my workout clothes when I wake up, lace up my tennis shoes and go outside for just a few minutes. On days that I feel good, I might take a long walk. Sometimes it’s a very short walk. Once I do that consistently it shouldn’t feel like a big insurmountable task because I am used to setting that time aside in my mornings. It could also look like putting on yoga clothes, rolling out your mat and doing just a couple minutes of stretches every morning. Eventually you’ll have more bandwidth to actually do a full yoga practice.
Hrvoje N.
Actually I just make a plan in the evening for morning exercise,when I am late and dont have the time, a fast walk around 10 min from parking lot to my workplace
Selina Y.
I always have tried to keep order in my life i always do my exersize then afterwards i look in mirror and feel so much stronger and more beautiful kinda 2 rewards in one!!! Best wishes, most of all keep smilein stay strong!! There is NOTHING I MEAN NOTHING STRONGER THAN OUR WILL !!!😉 KEEP IT MOVEIN MY FRIEND
Jan J.
A large glass of water by my side, half drank the night before, take my tablets drink my water fully, stretch as high as I can, sitting on the side of the bed and continue with exercising, yoga, one thing flows into the other, clean teeth shower etc.
Juli O P.
I prepare everything i need for the excercise the day before. I do it even before breakfast – after i brush my teeth and wash my face. If i go outside i try to go only very early in the morning or in the evening – when the weather is less hot. Good luck!
Johan A.
I pretty much have to walk every morning anyways so I count that walk as the exercise. However, upon using this app, I now will walk on days even when I don’t have to, and I’ve even started to run again. I’m still a full time student so it’s easier for me to find time.
Peyton Z.
I prepare by having a good breakfast it does not help to be hungry. I try to exercise every day sometimes by doing a fabulous workout or going for a run I always have a glass of water near to stay hydrated. It’s easier to have a set time put a reminder on phone it helps it could be morning ,noon or night whatever works for you but make sure it’s a good time
Victor G.
The first thing I do is make sure I plan what exercise I will do the next day. Knowing what you expect of yourself will help motivate you to actually get it done.
Secondly I plan my exercise the night before according to my work schedule the next day. Because I know anything can pop up. I tend to wake up earlier and exercise before the work day even begins. Starting your day before everyone else and getting even 20 mins of exercise in and a great win and will fuel your mental ability through the day
Thirdly I prepare for it the next before. I have the workout clothes put up. I have the exercise plan sorted and I get a good nights rest.
Lastly is try not hit the snooze button when the alarm goes off.. waking up earlier will take practice and determination but start off by setting an alarm 15-20 minutes earlier and doing a quick yoga session and build from that. I tend to only set one alarm so if I don’t wake up I will be late for my entire day.

Hope this helps 🙂

Martino P.
Start with a small workout or something convenient. Walk around your block, ride your bike to work, take 10 minutes to do some yoga. Anything that gets you moving is good. If you make it part of your morning routine, it will soon become easier to do than not.
Romain Z.
I enjoy starting my day with yoga. An easy flow that warms up my muscles and gets the blood flowing for the day. I try to get this in right when I wake up or shortly there after.
I tend to have better luck utilizing my lunch break or after work for any longer or more involved exercise routine
Bartosz C.
I get up enough early to have planty of time in the morning for many different activities. Walk the dog make breakfast and do some workout.
Jan R.
I think the most important part of an exercise routine is good music! Create a playlist with your favourite songs! That will motivate you. It doesnt matter what time of the day you exercise as long as you do it . You can climb stairs, dance, go for a walk, whatever you want. Just keep moving 🙂 if you want to do it in the morning create a habit of doing it, at the beginning will be hard but if you consistently do it for 3 weeks you will create the habit in your mind, and then it will be a piece of cake
Selma F.
Though I've only just begun, the way I've managed it so far is by setting out everything I'll need for my exercise the night before (gym clothes, water bottle, headphones, etc) and wake up earlier than I need to so I can have extra time to wake myself up and fully prepare to get up and move!