How do you make exercise more “fun” and engaging? I’m having a hard time with self-motivation.

Maeve O.
My exercise of choice is walking. I use that time to listen to podcasts which I really enjoy. It’s the only opportunity I really get to do so!
Alexia Z.
Invite a friend! A very simple way to keep exercising fun is to exercise while your watching your favorite shows. Just to keep you entertained!
Garance O.
To make it more fun and engaging I always listen play songs with stereo beats during my exercise, prepare my exercise stuff earlier.
Shristi F.
Try to do exercises which make you happy like dance or getting a walk in your favourite park or even doing any type of exercise with a partner…so both can have fun while engaging in a workout at the same time.
Gavin Q.
Try a “clothing optional” version of your routine to get you out of your comfort zone. This should help to spice things up, provided your workout is strictly indoors. Be sure to close you curtains and lock your doors! 😉
Kukie N.
I exercise while saying my prayers. I know without my prayers things don't go right so I know I have to say my prayers. My faith in Jesus is strong and I know he is helping me with exercising too!
Suzanne Q.
Celebration is very important. If you’re looking forward to the celebration after you finish, you’ll be more motivated to complete your exercise routine. You can also try being mindful during your exercise. Your body is doing amazing things! Acknowledge that!
Marius B.
Listen to your favorite artists, songs or albums while you’re exercising. If you can find a workout routine on YouTube by an instructor you find engaging and inspiring, makes it even easier.
Michelle O.
If exercise is boring, you haven't found "the right way" for you… Experiment with lots of different forms. I started out with yoga, got bored so at 32 started gymnastics! Now I'm 35 and last year also took up the Brazilian art form capoeira,which I recommend as it is dance, culture and exercise in 1.there are so many free workout vids on you tube, I tried them all til I found my vibe as the Americans say, haha. Ballet, hip hop, Tae kwondo etc. Even running and cycling on a machine can be made more fun by watching something you love at the same time.
Ann S.
Change it up every day with something different to look forward to. I follow up the morning exercise with a 2 mile walk followed by breakfast and meditation.
Shawn Z.
First I'd like to say, don't stress about what kind of exercise you're doing, you can move however you like. If you like music in the morning go and dance, if you like quiet you time in the morning, try yoga or pilates. Second I myself have subscribed to the 10 minute mindset. This means that whenever my brain thinks that it doesn't have time for something like exercise, I counter think with a simple 'you've always got 10 minutes' it takes a little time to get used to this mindset, but ones you do it's a game changer!
Aurelia R.
Listen to joe wick, listen to people using exercises to lift yourself up.
I’m trying to go slowly into my exercices and doing some breathing exercises like Wim Hof Method to get myself out of my head. It’s all about being out of your head, back into your body.
Joe A.
Stick some music on, or a motivational video (there's plenty on YouTube).

Keep thinking positively throughout and tell yourself you LOVE working out, that you're GOOD at it and get competitive with that voice in your head who says "let's just stop, this doesn't feel good".

Best thing to do is visualise yourself doing the exercise and enjoying it, before you start.

Set yourself an easy target, like "I'll just do 2mins of exercise – that's easy!"

Those 2mins will fly by, and once you're actually exercising you'll find it easier to extend that to 5, 10, 20 etc.

But as long as you get SOMETHING done, you've done well. Beating yourself up does nothing but de-motivate you, so celebrate every tiny win and praise yourself for them.

Most of exercise is a mental battle, ironically.

Deniz Q.
Honestly, I was the same for the last 3 years but I’ve come to the conclusion that motivation is nothing . It comes and go. It’s all about self discipline and how badly you want it. It’s all about putting off the temporary pleasure for long term pleasure (feeling good about yourself, more confident and etc) imagine what your future self would feel! Good luck love! It’s a journey, get to know yourself. Don’t starve cus that never work. Eat all the things u wanna eat (but in moderation) Instead of restricting yourself cus you’ll just end up binge eating. I know you can do it
Daniela Z.
Better agility and better movement patterns allow and motivate me to carry out and commit to various activities that make life more complete and fun.

I use different exercises with little or no weight, combining them in sets of 3+ with the highest number of repetitions.

But in general, functional training is a good way to make exercise attractive while gaining new skills, regain important functions, and unknowingly lose a few pounds (or fat). I could say that is a fun and quality way to reshape the body.

Shaunicer W.
Exercise is more fun when you play music that you love and when you workout with friends. Try to find people that can workout with you.
Owen E.
I listen to upbeat music like reggaeton or soca. Also, I do less repetitions but more circuits so that I do not zone out.
Perry O.
It's all in the mental state you adapt when looking at it.

I can have a lot of fun for hours just me and rolling a 20lb medicine ball around on the floor doing so many things.

but that's me: i have a backyard, not everyone has one of those; so point.being your approach shpuld be fun, like playing imagination games from your inner child "layer" of ypur psyche, that little core you should be having fun.

i recommend a basketball and an open court and a piece of chalk and an open mind do make up some silly game

Daniel J.
Friends are great! Challenge each other! Also mix it up! Take different classes, do different kinds of runs, try a new exercise every week. Do exercise that just feels like playtime too. I rock climb and do martial arts and it never feels like I’m slogging through exercise. Pick sports and exercises that require your mental focus, and that’ll keep you engaged.
Lamirandu N.
The most important is to do workouts that you love. Music is always on. Choose it according with the exercise you are going. I prefer classroom workout with energizing music.
Jane Z.
I make it a game and list down my reps and exercise summary and compete with my previous self. That way I see progress in my athleticism and I also motivate myself and have fun
Jill N.
I find that music can really get me going when I’m not really feeling a workout. Also doing your workout in a new location, like outside, is a good way to spice things up.
Almurt O Z.
Exercising is not that fun, it hurts everywhere. I try to reach step by step my goals. F.e. today 10 sec plank, tomorrow I will be able to do 15 sec plank and next week I want to reach a 30/40 sec plank. Set goals and you will need to reach them
Megan O.
I've settled on a segmented routine, there are 6 main areas of fitness related to exercise so I'll focus on 1-4 a day and do a 15 minute workout for each one. This keeps things changing so that I don't get bored. Dancing and martial arts are also intense exercises that can be fun and interesting. When it comes to self motivation, the best thing that helps me is the realisation that I deserve to exercise, to be healthy mentally and physically.
Janet Z.
So, I Like doing sport, I like the idea that I will be fit and healthy. Also, recently I started to practice exercices for doing split, and I had no motivation, so I bet with my boyfriend that I will do it in one month . Honestly, I make a lot of progress and I am happy.
Auguste U.
Hey! First I'd think about what your goals are, are you wanting to get stronger, lose weight, improve your health? For me I wanted to get stronger, have more energy and get a toned physique, those were my goals! So I started strength training because I know it can achieve those things. Try working out at the same time everyday (for me it's 4pm) and think of your goals! Avoid feeling negative emotions about how far you have to go or how difficult you find it, try and reflect positively on it, think I'm one step closer and celebrate doing something good for yourself! It definitely can be hard to have motivation though, so I'd say on those days you truly feel unmotivated, maybe do half of what you'd normally do. It's still something, and you'll definitely feel better for doing something rather than nothing! Then you can pat yourself on the back rather than get sad for not maintaining a routine or taking a step towards your goal. When it comes to making it fun, I find pushing myself towards my goals makes me feel awesome, but I also find outdoor exercise is just the best!! I do bodyweight workouts in my garden. But if you're still not enjoying it, try changing your routine up! I personally have little motivation for running, but weights are my friend! Doing the same thing everyday is bound to make you bored, so listen to your body and mix it up!! I know this is super long but I hope it helped!!
Gloria P.
I personally add my favorite music to it. Or if you can an audio book/podcast you can get invested in and only listen to it when your working out. It helps you trick yourself into wanting to go. Also if you can frame it to yourself as some you time. Use working out as some alone time. Almost like a treat for yourself. I hope that helps
Chiara O.
First you have to think about why you’re doing this exercise. It should be for your own good and thinking about accomplishing something will motivate you more. If you want to make them more fun, than you can put a simple spin on them. Something That’s a bit different than normal exercises.
G Tz X.
sometimes I make exercise with my brother or put some music that I like to energize myself. The important it is that this is to make myself better day by day, and despite of sometimes we have hard times to start, if we choose exercises that we like more in that days is easier no do it
Rh P.
I had that problem. I knew I needed to do something mild to keep the muscles strong and stay healthy. But the stretching is usually painful and many of the poses too difficult for me. That made me felt frustrated.

So I set up a goal for myself. I want to be as flexible as the model I saw in the yoga apps, especially in the lower back and hamstrings. Then I switched to a program that stretches and holds a pose for a longer time and focused on hamstrings, to begin with. I kept close attention to the my flexibility to search for signs of improvement. And within days, the flexibility improved. I am still working on hamstrings now and feel exciting about the progress.

I think setting a goal is important to keep any exercises. The goal will keep me correcting myself, seek improvement, and move on day after day rather than just consider it something nice to do but no immediate personal benefit.

Hope this help and good luck!

Henrike M.
Anything will be engaging if they relate to your own values or causes. Find exercise that gravitates how different forms of exercise can bring you closer to your values. For example, I began calisthenics because my values focus on taking my whole self anywhere without the need of a place.
Toniesha N.
Music! Sometimes I don't feel like getting up, not to mention doing a full exercise routine. Putting on an album that I really love and can listen to from start to finish is incredibly empowering! I also find myself more motivate to do things if other people are involved. It's just more fun with someone else! If it's possible to take a class –even a virtual one– that might help. It might also just be time to try something new. I can get burned out on doing the same routine, so if you've been, for instance, going for walks, you might try walking in a different area for a change of scenery. Or even changing the type of exercise entirely! Doing something new could get you out of the rut. 🙂
Juliana T.
Minimize the thinking: search for routines that seem energizing and fun on YouTube, and put them all in a playlist so that the next day you only have to wake up, get up and choose any and just start following it without any negative thoughts. Doing it with someone else is also an amazing motivation, specially if that someone will help push you to get there. You can call each other at a certain time in the morning and get ready to do it together, even at distance
Teagan O.
I also sort of struggle with this. What really helps me is listening to music. I know that’s basic, but when you really like the music you’re listening to, it helps you forget about what you’re doing. Also, just try to be optimistic and think about how this is helping you become a better you;)
Lily O.
I'm currently using a 30-day challenge to get into the habit of exercising, and the greatest tip I can give you is to write down all your goals for the exercise, and line through them when you finish them. That way you feel good every time you finish a goal, and it will keep you motivated during your exercise. Good luck!