Is it good to exercise before going to bed? And why yes or no?

Alfred T.
Exercise can make you tired, but avoid exercising too close to bed as it can also energise you or make you too uncomfortable to sleep.
Dinah Y.
No. Your heart rate will increase, you will feel sweaty and energised. Simply go to sleep, make a post i t note for the morning if you are really worried about not exercising today.
Oto Z.
No, it seems to wake me up and makes it harder for me to sleep. However, a few hours before bed might work. The tiredness will set it right around when I want to go to bed I think.
Aaron Z.
I exercise an hour before going to bed. After exercising, I take a hot shower. Both the exercise and the shower prepare my body into relaxation and tiredness in order for me to get the best sleep possible. I guess it’s different if your body is used to waking up when you’re working out. This is just my experience and what I’ve been doing for a long time.
Gordon E.
There are benefits to both morning and evening workouts. In the morning, you get your body moving and start the day, however, you end up a bit tired during the day. Later workouts can help sweat out the toxins of the day and get you feeling tired for bedtime, however, some people get more energized. It really depends on what your body is like!
Gl Ria Q.
Sometimes, if you have the energy, and want to. I found specially gratifying to exercise with enthusiasm and then have a hot shower, and then go to bed… but only if I feel that I want to have that pleasure, not for obligation. Exercising in the morning is the best choice for me
Afonsino S.
I would say no because since your blood is pumping and your heart rate is higher, it is harder for your body to fall asleep.
Dinah Y.
No because you get so much good energy out of it and endorphins start flowing. If you wanna excersize do some calming slow yoga and ending relaxation during yoga.
Dinah Y.
Yes if you also take a bath after exercise because you will feel relaxed after exercise and bath and you can sleep peacefully.
Dinah Y.
Yes, because exercising then showering doesn’t only tire you out more it also gives you something to feel good about. I also think that changes happen faster to your body when you’re asleep than awake