What does your exercise routine look like? How is it working out for you?

Juveriya A.
I use an app to do my excercise routine, it makes me start small and easy but slowly takes few steps forward, honestly i feel like whats the point of doing this if its only going to give me a few exercises. In my mind something like a 30 minute workout is the only way to go, but i know that the habit is something i must first build so i'll try my best to stick to it and fight those thoughts that goes "whats even the point".
And besides that i do some stretching excercises througout the day too, they're mainly focused to help you do splits, ive always wanted to do them, so i hope the hardwork everyday will be worth it ^_^
Frank G.
Usually, on mornings when my chronic pain is cooperating, I like to get up, set up a mat, and lift some weights on an exercise ball while focusing on my posture. I focus mostly on my arms, upper back, and legs. I’ll do some squats, and then do some yoga if I have time left over. I like to do it first thing after I get up, still in my pyjamas and everything.
Howard T.
I go to a gym so I have a routine per day. Is basically do weights (1.30 hours) and then minimun 10 minutes of cardio or maximun 30 minutes
Emeline C.
I'm following a workout program that my father has in a CrossFit club. My goal is to be able to do a strict pull-up and the class has weight training for the arm muscles and stretches to prepare your shoulders, triceps and hand grip to make sure you're prepared for a pull-up
Lonnie U.
It's really mostly different every morning. Sometime I'll take a walk with my animals or I'll stretch and do some pushups and curl ups.