How do you keep motivated when you don’t see results?

Holly Y.
Lately I’ve been having trouble with that. Right now I like getting the check marks for consistency. It’s like gold stars on a calendar. Those work for me. When the results don’t show, I am admittedly frustrated. Sometimes someone noticing, or commenting on my effort helps. Other times, I have to reward myself. Sometimes a good cry or temper tantrum is what I need to keep going. It really really depends on my motivation and what it is I want to accomplish. Lately it’s been very very very teenie tiny baby steps. And like I said stars or blue dots on the calendar. I don’t want to break my record.
Anjieleena N.
You look very deeply into your soul, you really talk to yourself very transparently,openly, and,honestly. You can do this silently or out loud alone or with a select group of people you really want to confide in for yourself. Use whatever strategy naturally works best for you do not put too much added pressure on your self let alone any at all. Take a few moments to disconnect yourselves from anyone/anything which is causing you a lot of unnecessary disturbance and close your eyes imagine yourself at the center of an ideal world, take out a scrapbook journal as well as a video camera, a regular camera, a cell phone, a wide variety of supplies like scissors pens pencils etc. and just create a personal project for yourself based on your own personal visions that you have for an ideal world for you. Talk about what it looks like,how does it feel, what do you see, how you are moving around etc. Once completed keep it on hand to use as a reference for yourself set aside a specific time date location for yourself/ a few others to work on a personal dream life reflection exercise assignment.
Shane W.
If it’s something like a long term project I usually try to envision the results I want and then put myself there. How awesome would it feel if I accomplished that task? Then I strive to work harder so I can actually experience that moment.
Filino E.
Results aren’t always something you can see. Results can be something you feel. Viewing progress this way allows me to not focus on things I can see but how forming new healthy habits makes me feel.
Francesca Y.
I try to see the death as deadline to do something. OK we all expect results In some time but each one has his own so I keep on working on not loosing my hope and motivation because if you loose it you actually pull down the probability of achieving the result so yes I would say I try to be motivated. In reality many times I am not in the mood but it does not mean that I will not make it or that I don't want to arrive to the end of the race
Lola E.
I try to remember that small changes can go unnoticed and that most things that are worthwhile take time. This approach helps me to be patient and not obsess about results