Should I first stretch my muscles after waking up? And what morning exercises can you recommend to do within the first 20 minutes of getting out of bed?

Cory S.
I like doing a few gentle sun salutations from Yoga. It starts to warm me up with the movement and strength, and warmer muscles are easier to stretch. Bonus, down dog is a great stretch!
Muzaffer T.
I like to stretch after waking up because my muscles tend to be tight and sometimes my back hurts from the position I slept in. I like to use a YouTube video called "the five minute full body stretch". I enjoy the stretches and I always feel completely relaxed. Plus it is only five minutes of my morning and I am ready to go.
Andreas W.
I recommend yoga, because it stretches and strengthen your muscles at the same time. It's not too heavy workout but does the trick.
Ala De Q.
I'm not a scientist by any means, but I think a bottle of water as the very first thing you do is really key. It's like an energy drink to your body from how much water you lose while sleeping. From there I think stretching and exercise is a great second step. For me the Fabulous app's workouts and stretching regimens are perfect because they're quick and effective and them being in the app already it helps me remember to 'celebrate' after I finish them. My goal is to be healthier, but almost more than that, I want to create productive habits. So if Fabulous says I need to celebrate every accomplishment in order to build consistency then I try to use the app itself as my reminder to do that. Hope it helps!
Stacy U.
Yes you have to stretch your muscle first thing when you get up in the morning
Have a bottle of water

Morning excersie can be
Sun salutations
7 min workout

Hector O.
Definitely stretch! Without stretching the muscles can end up getting damaged or pulled very easily. I recommend starting with simple yoga stretches like child's pose and cobra stretch, and then doing something active and easy, such as star jumps and high knees. This not only wakes up the muscles and the body, but does so in a safe and healthy way.
Leah J.
I think stretching is the best exercise for morning because you don’t want to too much before breakfast. After breakfast, you can do real exercises like going to gym or do some cardio
Ida W.
Honestly, I would do a light low intensity warm up before stretching just to lightly warm the muscles up before LIGHTLY but EFFICIENTLY stretching. Then, do a Tabata style (20 sec on/10 sec rest) workout; 5-min each exercise. Four exercises could be: (1) jumping jacks/jump rope, (2) single arm kettle bell swings; switch sides at 2 1/2 seconds of the 5-min interval, (3) single-arm hammer bicep curl lunge (w/ optional leg raise), and (4) burpees/mountain climbers. MOST DEFINITELY STRETCH AFTER YOUR WORKOUT. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT FOR YOUR AGILITY AND MOBILITY THROUGHOUT THE DAY AND FLEXIBILITY NECESSARY FOR AGING EFFECTS.
Hilda U.
Any active experience that make you wake up. You can measure it by seeing your breath. You should breath faster. For example, push up or running.
Jeppe G.
I prefer long, slow stretching both in and out of bed when I first wake. Stretching warms the muscles for me and helps prevent injury. I stretch all major and most minor muscle groups, taking 20-30 minutes. Walking is my preferred exercise in the morning, as I have 2 large dogs. They enjoy going out before the day gets started, around 6:00. Many people enjoy jogging or running, but for me, it’s walking. I stretch after getting home anywhere from 15-45 minutes later. How I feel and weather conditions play a part in how much time I spend walking. I also find both yoga and Tai Chi are excellent exercises, as are warm water pool aerobics. I do hope this helped.
Alicia W.
yeah, do some stretches when you get up and then do something simple that will get you moving, like jumping jacks or squats
Zil N.
Yes, I try and stretch a little first thing. After hours of laying down my body needs movement. I walk first thing every morning.
Lillian R.
In the morning, I only do stretching exercises, and a short yoga session, it relaxes my muscles and help me concentrate on today’s purpose & todo list. I do the real exercise in the afternoon!
Kay F.
Stretching is a great thing to do after first getting up, it really can wake up your muscles and get blood flowing. Some exercises to do after getting up to get things moving would be some jumping jacks, pushups, or sit-ups (preferably any little thing to get you moving)
Brandy Q.
Some gentle stretches and mobility movements are great upon waking up. Try:
1. Raising arms above the head and reaching for the sky, then
2. Gently grasp the wrist of the right hand with the left and leaning over to the left while keeping hips and shoulders square to the front; return to center. Repeat on the other side.
Vidal E.
I like to wake up and stretch then do a couple of yoga flows just to get moving for the day. I’ve been keeping it simple so I will keep doing it every day.
Pat F.
A bit of stretching does not hurt, but at least work the muscles a bit by turning, swinging and flipping.

I like to do crunches, sit and push-ups, and planking.

Bruce P.
I don’t know about whether or not you should stretch your muscles first after waking up, but the first thing I do when I get out of bed is stretch my quads, and then do a quick 5 minute ab set, just to wake myself up. I usually do Russian twists, rowers, leg lifts, and v-ups. Sometimes I throw in a plank or some push-ups if I’m feeling up to it, but nothing too heavy, just enough to get me breathing a little heavily before I go shower.
Carolyn J.
I recommend starting with some easy exercises, like, 5 push ups, 10 jumping jacks, 1 minute walk, etc. Then when you have been doing that for a while get into harder things, such as, a 20 minute walk, 50 jumping jacks, 20 push-ups. Also, yes I do recommend stretching when you wake up if, you are going to do a hard exercise or your sore. Hope this helped!
Est Nia P.
I stretch when I step out of bed. Usually within an hour or so, I do a full Yoga Routine. If I don’t have time, I will break it up during the day but I do better giving a good 30 min followed by free dance to a motivating song. I stretch through out the day. Yoga has saved me in a multitude of ways. I was diagnosed with MS years ago. Had I not been doing Yoga, it could have been so much worse. But I rarely have to take anything for pain as Yoga takes care of aches and pains and it is a wonderful motivator for a great day. I encourage all to try it whom might simply because of the positive difference it’s made in my life. I started doing it consistently at age 17 and I’m now 57. It helps me stay grounded, centered, and healthy. And dancing helps the cardio. For me going from peaceful yoga to dancing to Ted Nugent or Steppenwolf has made for a wonderful life. 😊
Isaiah C.
It is better to strech your muscles after doing some physical activity to warm them up – streching 'cold' can actually harm your muscles.
About the reccomendations for the Morning workout – I think its individual because everyone has a different body, so i would suggest you to do something that challenges you, but not something that is too hard or extreme. Its a Morning workout – so the goal is to warm up your muscles and headstart your day. Personally, i would choose an activity like walking, running, riding a bicycle or any other aerobic activity. Good luck!