What other fun exercises do you recommend to do?

Dina G.
My favourite is dancing, I put dance videos of my favourite songs on YouTube. It's very fun to dance to your favourite songs, you lose weight because it's aerobic exercise and you also learn the choreography and can now brag about it to your friends lol
Just make sure to warm up and stretch before! You don't want to end up injured 🙂
Mya S.
Try indoor rock climbing! It’s a fun full body workout that challenges your mind and body. Lots of fun and helps to create life long friends or just climbing partners.
Karen N.
Move any chance you get. – do plie squats while brushing your teeth for the whole 2 minutes. Do wall push-ups while waiting for the microwave to rewarm your coffee or tea. March in place, dance when a great song comes on. I even keep 1 lb weights in the car to do bicep/triceps curls at red lights! Also, resistance bands at my desk.
Hauke R.
Do it when you listen to music or a voice orrr do it with your friends! For fun exercises you can do it and make memes with it or edit it perfectly ^~^
Tracy F.
I recommend listening to upbeat music in order to make working out fun, yoga can be fun and calesthenics are also interesting to do and can be fun in the long run