How do I force myself to do something when my body’s telling me to just stay in bed but I know if I do I’ll be sad all day but then I don’t enjoy exercise I’m just looking to be happy

Christina J.
Start small by simply getting out of bed. Be proud of yourself for making the decision to get up. Put on some clothes and go for a walk. You dont have to start with full on weight lifting, just start somewhere. You can do it!

Abigail O.
You may not love exercise but it loves you. Exercise is clinically proven to work as well as antidepressants. It might be hard to get the ball rolling, but once it does, you will feel amazing. Once you get it rolling, don't stop. If you do, remember, just get the ball rolling again. Your body, and your mind, wil thank you.

Br Gida A.
Picture yourself with a fit body and peak health! Visualize this again and again! Paste pictures of those with fit body in your room and also tell your friends that you are exercising! You will want to start doing it! Ground that into a habit and you will find it difficult not to exercise after that! All the best!

Carolyn Z.
Count down… Like a rocket… 5…4…3…2..1 and jump out of bed!! Don't over think it! The longer you think about it the more you'll want to curl back up.

5..4..3..2..1 GO!!!

Mika F.
I think you will find a sense of satisfaction and happiness through exercise. It may feel like a chore at first, but overtime the benefits will overshadow any sense of dread you may have: the increased energy, better sleep… And you will find yourself feeling more motivated to do other healthy habits as well! Eating right and discovering new ways of nourishing your mind, too. Don’t be discouraged by your struggle, but let it be a gentle motivator. Remind yourself that you will feel better once you are up and moving. It’s never too late to start! Give yourself some patience and understanding.

Nembrode F.
Focus on how you will feel if you do what you need to do and focus on how you will feel if you don't do what you need to do. And then make your choice knowing how you're going to feel

Wesley P.
It is ok if you feel tired sometimes and you take a rest day. Your body needs it to fuel up and gets back to exercising even more powerful. Just listen to your body and dont feel guilty.

Sophie O.
I make sure everything is laid out the night before. I just have to get up.

Jonathan Z.
Don’t set yourself up to fail. Too tired to exercise in the morning? Find time in the evening. Also pair the exercise with something you enjoy. I love watching Hulu on my phone while going on the eliptical. I put my favorite show on and only watch it while I’m working out. This way I create a positive association with the workout. Good luck and keep at it!

Kathy J.
Try to look at exercise as something that lifts your mood and energy. Focus on how you feel after to motivate you to do it now.

Leon Cio T.
I have the same problem. I guess if we work I out thought patterns we can overcome this boulder which blocks the path to fabulous!
I'll say the first step is learning to control your thoughts….
Mind Over Matter!

Antelmo S.
That’s a tough one! I recently did a FB live on motivation. It’s important I have a amdaiky morning routine. Something that never changes, start with putting 2 feet over the edge of the bed and planting them on the ground. Work to the closest mirror and smile say it’s going to be a great day

Maria J.
The short answer is to trick your mind into realizing that you actually DO want to do whatever it is you're trying to force yourself to do. If you can convince your subconscious, then you'll be doing it in no time; if not, then you won't be able to force yourself like that for very long.
Better answer: get the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I started reading it 11 days ago, and today is my 8th workout in the past 10 days. The primary thing about the miracle morning is 6 daily habits that nearly all successful people do at least one of (and I'm already noticing a change in my life).
Hal also spends chapter 5 outlining "The 5-Step Snooze-Proof Wake Up Strategy." Here is an excerpt from that chapter:
"Here's a quick review of the 5-Step Snooze-Proof Wake Up Strategy to make it significantly easier to wake up and stay awake:
1. Set Your Intentions the Night Before. (edit: Hal teaches to use affirmation and visualization to get your mind right the night before.) This is the most important step. Remember: your first thought in the morning is usually the last thought you had before bed, so take responsibility for creating genuine excitement for the next morning, every night before bed.
2. Keep Your Alarm Clock Across the Room. Remember: movement creates energy!
3. Brush Your Teeth. Use Listerine® for extra umph!
4. Drink a Full Glass of Water. Hydrate yourself, ASAP. (edit 2: I personally set a cup of water beside my alarm every night.)
5. Dress in Your Workout Clothes. Earn your A.M. shower! (edit 3: I also set these out every night as part of my evening ritual.)"

Abdullah J.
I'll try to picture how happy I'll feel afterwards. I picture how fulfill I'll feel and also in the long term what are the benefits. If that does not work, I'll do a short session, something is better than nothing.

Emilie A.
Just do it. Stand up and do it at least for 5 minutes. The session can also be shorter but the important thing is, that you force yourself until a habit is creates. Believe in yourself and focus on the reason u want to do it.
Good luck

Lo S O.
Motivation in the morning is hard to have. I find the best way to make my self exercise is to lay workout clothes out the night before and as soon as I get up to make my bed so I am less tempted to go back to sleep.

Sabina T.
If you know you will be sad all day sitting in bed, then get up and get going! Start off with building up new habits that are going to be helpful then build from there, like a glass of water, a good breakfast, and exercise. I notice that when I eat bread and sugars, it makes me feel tired too. If you really want to get rid of being tired all the time, then I would suggest the Whole 30 plan. Good luck!

Dennis Z.
I think we all struggle with this. The first step is to let it be ok if you mess up – you don't have to be mad or beat yourself up if you aren't able to exercise or get out of bed that day, doing things is really hard! Second of all, usually when I see activity like this I think two things: either you have a clinical issue that may need professional assistance (ie depression) or your goal is too big. If you can't complete the exercise goal, try something even smaller – maybe you can learn 2 yoga stretches you can do in bed, and try to do those in the morning. Once you can establish that habit, change it to getting out of bed and reaching your toes. It's ok to meet yourself where you are, and aiming for small goals and completing them is many times better and more productive than putting pressure on yourself to do too large a task and not being able to accomplish it

Judy R.
You could maybe look for a type of exercise that you enjoy more – join a group of thats your thing, or go jogging somewhere with a nice view or something. Or you could start rewarding yourself after exercising – with some sweets, or a tv show, or some time in bed.
And if you find a way, you could incorporate exercising into your daily routine. For example you could try to go to work or to meet a friend by bike. That way you’re more likely to do it. Hope I could help 🙂

Liva F.
That is why I really like “streaks” and routines. I can do my 7-minute exercise every day. Sometimes I do more, but at the bare minimum, I do my basic routine and maintain my streak. Routine is really important to me and I make sure that everyone in my family knows I just do it and when I do it.

Grace X.
When I first began to recover from chronic depression, I was severely overweight. Due to the depression I was lethargic and even getting dressed was a lot for me to deal with. I began to exercise in order to prevent a relapse of diverticulitis. It was a fun time!! So I would just walk around my circular neighborhood, about 15 minutes. I began to feel better. So I developed this philosophy: I try to treat my body as if it were my dog. Think how much people love their dogs! They would never feed them garbage food, but only the very best they can afford. They take them for walks every day. They are alert to any sign of ill health! So that is how I try to care for my body — as if it were my doggie. And that's my answer to you. Get out of bed because your doggie, all soft with fur and deep soulful eyes, is staring at you. See it? It's holding the leash on it's mouth! It's wagging it's tail! You love your doggie! So get up and take that doggie for a walk.

Samuel F.
Set a small goal for that day. I have small work out goals specifically because I know I'm lazy. So on the days I cant push myself to get up im motivated by the fact that I can do something small and hop back in bed. 10 pushups situps and squats or as many you van do is where I started. Until I've cut that lazy curve to a rare moment instead of a daily weekly drag.

Greg U.
May be you don't have to do it at the same time when you prefer to be in bed ,it's just 7 minutes .. do it at the evening or noon on a particular time in the day everyday , and prepare for your exercise before doing it , this makes it easier to proceed throug the habbit day after day , & it's not necessary to start big with high force exercise … yoga is a calm exercise and it's good too

Dion Sia Z.
I have felt the same way. I find that when I push myself to go it gets so much better once I get there and start even small. I just fake it til’ I make it. Best of luck.

Brett W.
Start small! Just take a five minute walk. You might. Or enjoy it but it’ll affect your mood all day. Might be subtle but over time you’ll start to feel better and it’ll be easier each time. Also if you’re having trouble getting out of bed you might try getting a Phillips GoLite blu or similar and drink your coffee or whatever in front of it in the morning for 20-30 min. That really helps me with getting up and getting to bed at night.

Shane S.
Metaphors can be helpful.

Sometimes when I'm struggling I like to think of exercise like medicine for the brain and body. You may not enjoy it but it us a fundamental part of keeping you healthy.

Or sometimes I think of exercise like walking my dog. Although my brain might be tired but my body is itching for exercise.

Jacob U.
Search youtube for a motivational video that resanotes with you, "live your dream" is amazing. Stop thinking about it and just do it. Start with 1 minute. Everyday then 1 mile. Walk, run. Just get moving. Use Faboulas to do a pay challenge with a friend that will hold you acountable.

Gerald E.
Staying in bed is usually a sign of depression. I suggest talking to your doctor. As for exercise, there are many types of exercise. You don't have to go to the gym or out for a run. Simply turning on some good music and dancing is exercise. Anything that gets you moving. You'll find the flood of endorphins will improve your mood.

Arthur P.
Remind yourself if how you feel AFTER you work out. I know I feel better about and proud of myself afterwards. That's better than the shake I feel when I don't. So I think of that and tell myself to just do a little of the workout and once I get going I decide whether or not I wanna finish. But my goal is to at least do SOMETHING. Hope that helps

Julian P.
Ensure that you do the simplest version of the habit you are trying to form until you fully get used to it and then you will be much less likely to not want to do it. For example, with exercise, dance for 5 minutes or do 10 jumping jacks. You should be able to do that even if you are tired and lazy and overtime you will get more used to it and will be able to do more and more without too much will power.

Alice T.
I must remember how much better I feel afterwards. How sometimes I even hit on myself and giggle and smile after exertion. Fundamentally it doesn't matter if I do this except for to me in the future, so I do this thing so that I can look back and be grateful and look forward and be hopefull

Alma U.
Find the exercise that works for you! Your mind might be telling you that it’s too hard or not worth it so start out with something small like maybe going on a walk, this could be around your house or even around the neighborhood. Yoga is also a great resource because it’s low strain and there are TONS of free daily workouts on YouTube.

Raphael Z.
Find a type of exercise that's really fun for you. It can be a dance class, aerial yoga, kayaking, bungee class, trampoline fitness, skating, etc. There's a lot of options out there, one of them is bound to be so much fun to you that you'll be happy to return to it over and over again!

Louis E.
Hello! My name is Noah! I'm a college student studyjng biology. I hope you're having a good day! Sometimes it can be hard to get out of bed. I know because I struggle with it too. Thankfully I've learned a lot of great strategies to help me out. This app taught me to drink water every morning as I get out of bed. I swear if you force yourself to get out of bed and drink water, followed by a morning routine (as simple as brushing your teeth or taking a walk), you'll see that repetition is key. The more days in a row you can complete those simple actions, the easier it will be. I have class at 7 a.m.! It's a pain, but all I have to do is take a sip of water and my brain jump-starts into my routine! Try it! And stick with it until you can do it everyday.

Emilie Z.
Don't exercise. Just plan to dance, every morning. This makes your body easily adapt to the comfortable dancing rather than the forced exercise.

Universia Z.
I have to make sure I plan well, eat well and sleep well on the day so that I feel relax without thinking about work or tiredness during my time of exercise.

Larry T.
I am sorry but I see some contradiction in your question. First thinking first, are your going to be active during the day or not? If the answers is yes, you need to tame you inner child (a subconscious part of you, let's call it a naughty child and have a look at one of guided meditation lesson here on Fabulous. This lesson is on inner strife, between child and sage) and make stapes, little by little to achieve your goal which was to build an active day.

Secondly, please use some tools to achieve that goal. Doing it completely alone is almost impossible. If those contradiction will take Control over your decision making process you will stuck in the middle and do nothing and feel grief and irritation. You do not need that.

Thirdly, you have your goal you have your tools like schedule, Notebooks or Fabulous application so proceed to pragmatic approach which can be sum up by sentence MAKE IT HAPPENS
And just try to follow your goal. One Day your will do nothing ,next day will be victorious.

Give yourself a chance please. You need time to recover and be mentally thought. Be patient and MAKE IT HAPPENS. Good luck for you

Mike U.
What helps me when I’m feeling lazy and wanting to stay in bed is to remind myself that my mind is stronger than my body and force myself out of bed and to turn my light on. Those 2 simple actions is usually all it takes to ignite the spark of movement and alertness. Remember, your mind is very powerful. And when used right, it will tell your body great things and whip it into shape. You got this!

Din Q.
Your body is convincing you to sleep but you should try to convince yourself the opposite don't lose the argument against yourself. Say if I don't get up now and exercise it will never get done and then just do it.

Olivia Z.
Keep setting the alarm and keep trying to get in a routine… then after a while it just happens naturally.
Paying for a trainer or gym membership is good motivation

Lance Z.
There are days when it would be great to stay in bed, however you have already acknowledged that if you do it will make you sad. I try to have a routine that helps me to get up and get moving, once I am up I make my bed so that the urge to crawl back in bed is lessened. As I go about my routine I find a lot of my morning stiffness lessens and I am not as tired. Keeping a routine helps and on Sundays I usually reward myself with an extra hour of sleep before moving into my day. I have also found that going to bed at a set time and getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep helps me to feel refreshed and ready to tackle a new day. Hope this helps.

Mustafa G.
What I like to do is look up exercises that I can do in bed, these can actually be harder to do because of the softness of the bed. I suggest a YouTuber called Emi Wong who does good ab and leg workout that she does in bed.

Paul E.
Then maybe it's the exercise that you are doing. If you dread the exercise you will not succeed. Try different types and see which one actually is enjoyable, then it won't feel like a job or chore

Alma X.
If you shift your thinking from a shorter time frame to a longer one, you can convince yourself to overcome the unpleasantness of now for the reward of a better future. You will be surprised how easily you overcome that feeling of not wanting to exercise, once you decide to make it a habit to exercise daily.