Do you do the same kind of exercise every day?

Mindy P.
No I listen to my body and what my body wants to do and I decide from there even if it’s just 10 toe touches I do something

Christopher Q.
As of right now, yes. The reason though is because I have a herniated disk with a pinched sciatica. It doesn’t hurt to do the same things everyday, it will be better for you than doing nothing. It is good to switch things up though. Exercise can get repetitive and brain fog can creep in. On top of that, muscle memory will kick in and your exercises will still be effective, but you will start to see slower results. Its good to keep moving no matter what, but if your starting to get bored it may be worth it to switch things up.

Alyssa P.
Right now I do. I just began to make a habit of doing it regularly. Picking something simple and constant is good. If you have time and energy to do more and add difference that is good but don't let worry about varriety keep you from doing something.

Alicia P.
No, but usually the same route. Either walking or biking, rarely running. Or I'll stay at home and do abs/ at home routine. Sometimes an online class

Brittany F.
Not usually. You want to switch it up every once in awhile to work different muscles and to work on endurance or flexibility or strength. Your body can get used to exercises and you won't see as many benefits.

Vernon G.
Not exactly when I using fabulous year ago I started the 7 min workout then the 10 min then I struggled to run and this year I did the same just dance song for a month and now for this two weeks I have doing yoga on down dog

Gina Z.
No. I like to mix it up. I do the Sphere running. I do stretching using some YouTube videos, and yoga. It's Quarantine time at the moment, so access to a lot of weights is a challenge. But I would mix it up with weights as well – – light ones, not heavy. Just for the reps. Dancing or aerobics is a good "day off" from the routine. It's just important to be joyful about the form of exercise. You don't need another level of obstacle. Try to just see what makes you feel good–and that means giving it a fair chance. Try it a few times before deciding.

Zita X.
No. The body “needs” variety to be 100% functional. Being clear on how you want to function is important to know what to work on.

I hike every morning with 40 lbs to start my morning. I listen to philosophers notes to prep my mind for meditation and for my day.

I rotate workouts from heavy weights, to boxing, MMA, kettle and mace bells… to sauna and cold showers.

Variety makes us healthy and more adaptive.